Is Tinder Dead?

As dating apps go, Tinder has outshone the rest of the competition. It’s become a cultural phenomenon and a synonym for online dating. But it’s dead and here’s why.

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All free dating apps began as a way to match young singletons and assist them on their quest for love. Many a couple have met and married thanks to this version of ‘Hot or Not’ but since it’s inception, the landscape has changed remarkably.

I only joined a year and a half ago since breaking up with an ex. At first, I was talking to a lot of men who provided great conversation and arrange multiple dates quickly. But that is not the Tinder I know now.

Modern Tinder is a way to find someone you like the look of, put minimal effort into wooing and blindly hope they’ll hook up with you and have sex. It’s now virtually impossible to find anyone on it who is looking for a relationship. It’s even more impossible to find anyone with a half decent profile and something to say for themselves.

So apart from #VixSwipes my Tinder will be untouched.

However, I am single and I do want to meet people. As you may know, I’m a fan of meeting people in real life situations but this can be tricky.

When the guys from a new dating app called JigTalk (download it here) got in contact with the premise of a slow reveal of how someone looks, resulting in a full reveal after you’ve actually had time to talk, I HAD to try it. The makers behind Jigtalk say, ‘it┬áis the blind dating game. Initially, your photo is covered in 16 jigsaw pieces.┬áIcebreaker questions get each new JigTalk rolling, with jigsaw pieces popping away, one by one, as more and more messages are exchanged.’

You totally want to play this even if you’re not single, don’tcha?

I’ve been trialling it for a fortnight and in that time so many more people have added profiles. Whilst I haven’t connected with anyone on it yet (I’m ridiculously fussy), I’ve had interesting conversations with a few which is already a million miles better than Tinder has been recently. I can’t wait to see where this app goes next!

What are you guys using instead of Tinder?

*this post was written in collaboration with JigTalk but as ever all dating woes and hopes for love are my own.