Vix Meldrew is Vicky; a happily single, late-twenties *cough* 30 *cough* teacher, blogger and internet best bud. Vicky established Vix Meldrew in mid 2014. What started out as a fashion, beauty and everything in a jumble blog – has evolved into a corner of the internet where her readers can come for relatable lists, observations on the 21st century lifestyle and personal insights on the life of a London girl who’s bumbling through love, career, travel and nights out with hilarity and heart-warming humbleness.

Vix is always on Twitter – whether it’s swiping on Tinder and roasting the rotters or engaging in chats with anyone who will listen to her or she can be found on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.


Vix has separated her content into different categories. ‘Love’ is where you can find all of her musings on sex, dating and relationships. ‘List’ is the home of all of Vix’s listicles – why not share them with a mate? ‘Life’ is where Vix keeps you all up to date on the goings on in her life AND where you can find advice posts. ‘Lust’ is where Vix shows what she’s been buying, loving and lusting after lately. ‘London’ is where you can find recommendations of all the best places to visit in her favourite city. Want to have your product or venue featured in Vix’s ‘Lust’ or ‘London’ posts? Just get in contact and she will have some brilliant brand collaboration ideas!


In 2017, Vix was named as one of the ’17 Influencers to Watch in 2017′ list by MTV. She’s appeared in magazines and is soon to be appearing on a BBC TV show as well as a variety of podcasts. Vix will keep you up to date on where you can see/hear/meet her next over on Twitter so keep your eyes peeled!


Vix is currently writing two books based on dating and her life. They will be filled with the same kind of humour and honesty that is a running thread of her blog – if you want to find out more, especially if you’re a bigwig literary type, please email her!


The best place to grab Vix is on Twitter but please feel free to email any enquries to vixmeldrew@gmail.com


I only accept gifted items or write sponsored posts for brands that I would use myself. All gifted products are labelled c/o (courtesy of) and I always make it clear when posts have been sponsored. I am also part of an affiliate network so any links that are used to monetize will be marked with an asterix (*). It is my policy that I always disclaim when I am working with a brand, in line with ASA, CAP and IAB guidelines

*talking in the 3rd person is bloody fun isn’t it?