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How To Stress-Free Pack To Avoid The Holiday Hassle

I’m heading off on holiday on Thursday to Las Vegas (for the billionth type), with Ben (for the first time) and whilst I’ve got a lot of other crap going on in life – job changes, funeral planning, wondering if …

A Day in Manchester

Manchester, one of England’s largest cities, the birthplace of vegetarianism and 2 absolute gods – the Gallagher brothers. Don’t @ me.

Last Friday night, I met Ben at Euston station to travel to this great Northern land for …

Paris In 24 Hours

Paris in 24 hours. They said it couldn’t be done. We had longer than that but most of the touristy things happened in that period. So if you also manage to bag a cheap Eurostar deal but can only go …

Can You Really KNOW Someone Until You’ve Holidayed With Them?

Oh hi, I have a boyfriend. Did you know that? I mean, I shove his picture into everyone’s faces as soon as I greet them so if you didn’t know, NOW YOU FUCKING DO.

Dis him btw.