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It’s 2018, Women Are Allowed To Be Negative

Bitchy, catty, conniving, jealous, emotional, crazy.

Words that are used to describe women in every industry they populate.

Don’t like the girl who just joined the team that fake laughs and flutters her eyelashes at your …

Hygiene Poverty Is A Thing And Here’s How You Can Help

Da fuq is ‘hygiene poverty’, I hear you ask. I hadn’t heard that term, or even, ‘period poverty’ until last Spring where the term began popping up on my Twitter feed and on websites like The Pool. When I read …

Friendships Toxic? Here’s Why You Should Eliminate Them

Friendships and maintaining those relationships as an adult is hard isn’t it? You’re not at school any more when, by default, you meet every day in the canteen and gossip over who got fingered behind the bike sheds and which …

Be Obsessed With Yourself

Remember that scene from Mean Girls… the one where the main characters are staring in the mirror quite literally obsessing over their imperfections?
‘My hairline is so weird.’ ‘My pores are huge.’ ‘My nail beds suck.’ ‘I have really …

Be A Woman Other Women Need

Internalised misogyny. That deep, manly voice buried within our brains that makes us think of women and act towards them in a way we never would to men.

Wondering why women over 40 are childless. Questioning a girl’s …

You’re Not Like Other Girls

At age 8, ‘You’re not like other girls, you don’t wear skirts.’
At 13, ‘You’re not like other girls, you’re funny.’
At 15, ‘You’re not like other girls, you don’t care about make up.’
At 17, ‘You’re …