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Why I’m Learning To Stop Talking Behind Other People’s Backs

I never used to talk behind my friend’s backs in primary school until one day I was invited round my friend Linda’s house for tea and her Mum made sausages by cutting them and rolling them before squishing them so …

The Problem With J.K Rowling

No, I’m not talking about the pronunciation of her surname. Is it R-owl-ing or Ro-ling? I’m talking about her problematic behaviour that has reared it’s ugly head, like a Basilisk that just won’t disappear, ever since she published the Harry …

Should We Reward Men For Doing The Bare Minimum?

‘I would like to make a toast to all the good guys in Hollywood,’ Olivia Munn stated as she began hosting the Critic’s Choice Awards in LA this week.

Munn went on to celebrate a range of Hollywood …

How You CAN Make A Difference To This Planet, Even If You’re Useless

Fuck my life, Blue Planet has knocked me hard. Has it done the same to you?

Whilst I sit there, gorging on a meaty Pizza, being endlessly delivered in cardboard boxes, drinking copious amounts of Diet Coke from …

What The Tampon Tax SHOULD Be Spent On

As The Guardian reports, our Government are insistent on wanking away our tax money on things we (the majority of sensible, feeling, UK adults) absolutely abhor. Like Boris’s hair cuts, Brexit and hand-sanitiser for every-time May has to shake hands …

Why A Couple of xxs SHOULD End Your Career

‘Average white man in entitled comment shocker’ should’ve been the headline to Giles Coren’s extremely misguided column about work place ‘flirting’.

It’s a tale as old as time.

But it’s just a bit of fun! What’s …