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All Of The Times I’ve Been Catfished

Ah catfishing. A word that only entered our vernacular when Nev, Max and MTV crashed into our lives to regale us with horror stories of people who are dangerously not who they appear to be.

My experiences of …

London Date Locations: Three To Try

As a single gal, Sunday was one of my favourite days of the week to date. It distracted me from Sunday night dread and the pressure to ‘make it a big one’ just wasn’t there like it was on a …

Modern Dating Is Like A Full-Time Job: Here’s How To Get A Promotion

In Collaboration with Tally

The Sundays I once spent: hungover, bingeing 24, ordering the largest Dominos you’ve ever seen and endlessly scrolling through dating apps may be a thing of the past. However, the memory of the AMOUNT OF WORK …

Dating With A Mental Illness

Dating is tricky at the best of times. You have to navigate apps, profiles, meetings and feelings. It can be one giant headache. And it’s an even bigger headache if you’re also navigating a mental illness.

I’m currently …

Seeing Things More Clearly

Isn’t it weird how looking back to past you, helps you see the future more clearly?

The one who smothered me with attention and promises of meeting families after 2 weeks. Who cooked me gourmet …

What Is The Ick And What Do You Do When You Have It?

The Ick. That insidious gut feeling that creeps in whilst dating someone that once festered means you cannot tolerate that person any more.

I’ve had The Ick on many occasions.

Once after a guy I had …

Why You Need To Love Being Single To Have A Good Relationship

I know this sounds crazy. How can loving being single mean you’re going to have a better relationship? WELL LET ME TELL YA.

Why You Should Love Yourself

This is just a complete life hack. Knowing …

What Love Island Teaches Us About Modern Dating

Love Island entered our lives a fortnight ago and isn’t going to be disappearing for the next couple of weeks. Due to the exposure to this generation of contestants, a lot of phrases and terminology have popped up that some …

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