Vix’s Fixes #1: How to get someone to make the first move

Oh hai there! I took it to Twitter and you told me it’s what you wanted to see so here’s Vix’s Fixes – a new weekly blog series where members of the public send me their love and relationship questions and I do my best to answer them without wanting to stab anyone!

Dear Vix,

I’ve been whatsapping this absolute 10 from Tinder (6 without the beard) but I just can’t tell if he’s into me. I always text him first, sometimes twice in a row.

We’ve been messaging solidly for a month now without even the mention of a quick drink from his end. Am I that repulsive?

Plus I’ve hinted that my favourite restaurant ever is right in his home town – nothing! How can I get him to make the first move?

Best wishes,


Hey C!

Let me just try and get my tone right here – it’s my first time…

BITCH ARE YOU CRAY? Wait that’s too harsh.

What I mean is this; you can’t ‘make’ someone make the first move. Dating should never be forced. If someone wants to make a move. They would! Which brings me to the question – why aren’t you making the first move? I think you’ve got 2 options here:

1. Message him, ‘Look we’ve been chatting for over a month now – fancy that drink any time soon?’

2. Resign him to the Whatsapp boys graveyard and MOVE ON.

In my experience, if you’re always the first one to message (and why you’d ever double text is beyond me – you’re putting yourself into a position of weakness) and you’re solidly hinting that you want to go out but the guy is just not taking the reins then one of 2 things are happening. Either, he’s a massive tool who can’t read any signs and really, who’s got time for that? OR he hates you.

Now, hate is an exaggeration but, ‘doesn’t really give that much of a shit/isn’t really that into you’ seems just bloody depressing doesn’t it? But hey, it’s ok. It’s probably not your fault.

If he’s being a tool and not reading the signs, then it’s OK to sound him out and see wogwan. What’s the worst that could happen? The worst that could happen is he replies with, ‘ugh no you’re repulsive’ but even that is easily get overable because – knob. Best case scenario here is that he’s oblivious and will respond to you asking him out with ferverous joy and excitement.

However, out of the 2 options I presented – I think option 2 is the way forward – block his ass and find someone who’ll message YOU first and can’t wait to ask YOU out. You deserve it bbz.

PS I doubt you’re repulsive but send a pic next time so I can really offer the good advice.

SOOO, how did I do? If you’ve got a love question you want answered on Vix’s Fixes – it can be totally anonymous – then DM me on Twitter!

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  1. Alice Red
    February 27, 2016 / 6:55 pm

    Please make this into a series, I love it so much.

  2. Sarah in Wonderland
    February 27, 2016 / 7:19 pm

    Yesssss, I love this. I love you. Keep it up, I need more.

    Sarah | <3