Why it’s not OK to objectify anyone

Cosmo have done it again. They’ve dropped an absolute clanger of an article called, ‘Why it’s OK to objectify men’s bulges‘. This is in light of a gallery of Olympic athletes’ private parts they have posted to tie in with Rio 2016. The ‘Who’s is it?’ parade of packages was slated for its objectification of men but Cosmo think they are in the right for showcasing the trouser snakes.

I don't care what's in these cakes or how carefully they're decorated, they just look fucking fit I don’t care what’s in these cakes or how carefully they’re decorated, they just look fucking fit

Cosmo have a range of reasons for defending their gallery. One being that the athletes involved, ‘didn’t mind’. Well the 2 they spoke to any way. The gallery include 20+ male members. Another reason they gave for why it’s OK to objectify the bulges was because, ‘women have to put up with it all the time’. And herein lies my problem.

Today’s society is a tit for tat one. If someone sticks up for themselves because they have been fat-shamed, there’s someone just round the corner waiting to tell them that skinny-shaming is just as harmful. If someone supports #BlackLivesMatter, there’s someone there to shout about how #AllLivesMatter. Furthermore, anyone who wants to moan about gender equality and the wage gap is met with replies along the lines of, ‘we have it hard too! We’re always last on the lifeboats’. Some people find it very difficult to understand the struggle of others without comparing it to their own or reducing its importance. Cosmo have basically said that because women are constantly objectified, that men should be too.

And that is so very wrong. A loose definition of ‘objectification’ is that you reduce someone as a being to just their appearance, physical traits or to silence them.

Why should any human be subjected to that?

As humans, we naturally look at physical traits that we find attractive. As a woman, I know I’ve seen what a man’s packing as we cross each other in the street and thought, ‘shit son’. That’s perfectly normal. What’s not OK though Cosmo, is to actively comment on that.

These men are Olympic athletes. They are at the top of their game. From all walks of life. They have families, careers,  back stories and educations that are all more than just what they’re hiding in their swimming trunks.

Yes there will be commentators and publications that pass comment on the tiny gymnasts or the thighs on a female rower but that doesn’t mean that we need to bring ourselves down to that level. This doesn’t need to be something we go literally tit for bits on.

Cosmo finish their article by stating that both sexes should be objectified equally and I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. However, I believe that both sexes should equally not be objectified at all.

PS Soz if this is shit but it’s midnight, I haven’t got my contacts in and it irked me.

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