Dos and don’ts of dating events

This week, Match invited me on to their Datemaster Bus – a converted double decker Routemaster that was beautifully decorated for some pre-work speed dating.

My train to work is often filled with the things I don’t have time to do such as: brainstorm blog posts, write shopping lists and respond to my dating matches. Match thought they could use this commuting time more wisely – for people to mingle and date! No more giving up your busy evenings with this Transport for Lovin’!

Once you climb aboard the bus, you’re sat down in groups or 1-2-1 with the fellow singletons, and given an Oyster Card holder full of ice-breaker questions – should you need them – and a delicious breakfast, complete with a hot beverage or smoothie. So that’s dating and my first meal of the day sorted for me!

As this was my first dating event, and I was actually quite scared to try something new, it got me thinking about the dos and don’ts for this type of thing:

DO arrive early and scope out the singletons. Most events like this, and others Match put on have an introductory period where people can briefly introduce themselves and calm the nerves. Also, it’s a great way to spot someone you could be interested in.

DON’T chicken out. These things can be daunting but once you’re there and you’ve met everyone, it’s actually a lot of fun.

DO dress to impress. You may only have a few minutes with each prospective date so catch their eye with an outfit which presents your personality.

DON’T blabber on about yourself. Imagine having just a few minutes to chat to someone and you’ve used it all up to tell them about a horrific date you’ve had, or your boring work responsibilities. Use the time to find out a few key facts about each other. This will help you decide if you fancy another date.

DO try and chat to as many people as possible. You never know what connection you might make or friend you might meet so, even if you’re shy, don’t keep yourself to yourself – mingle!

DON’T be disappointed. Yes, you may have gotten excited and secretly hope that you’ll meett Mr Right but it might not work out that way. Especially if not that many men show up, or the other singletons are out of your age range or whatever. Use the opportunity to build confidence and dip your toe in the pond.

DO show up if you’re a bloke. Women always seem to be more daring with dating and up for trying new things whereas guys tend to drop out more easily. On our bus, there were less guys than girls, so GUYS get in there! The odds could be in your favour!

All in all, I had a fun time on the bus. I had breakfast, a whistle-stop tour of London sights and loads of good conversations with people I may not have met before. I may not have found Mr Right but now I’ve experienced a dating event, I’m up for giving more a go. Turns out, they’re not that scary after all!

This post was written in collaboration with Match but all views expressed are my own.

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  1. Charlotte Steggz
    August 27, 2016 / 10:21 am

    That sounds actually quite good! I’ve been on a few speed dating events and they’ve been a bit meh. I really love these themed dating events that keep cropping up.