3 Dinner Date Locations In London

I know the usual advice is to never eat on a date but sometimes a gal needs to soak up the 2 nervous Prosecco bottles she’s consumed pre meet otherwise she might vom everywhere. Also, dining on a date isn’t *that* bad. OK, you might dribble sauce down your chin and your date might be repulsed to the speed of which you can consume food, but if either of these things are going to bother that person then they probably ain’t the one any way. Luckily, I spent the pre-Christmas build up neing invited to review a couple of places in my glorious town so I thought I’d share the delights I dined on.

Namaaste Kitchen and Salaam Namaste

Oh yeah, I went curry on a date. So Namaaste Kitchen is in Camden and its sister restaurant Salaam Namaste is in Russel Square and my dates for the evenings and I thoroughly enjoyed their Festive Menus. I sampled the spicy turkey roll starter which was hot AF and those sexy lamb cutlets. Laila, who’s vegan, hoovered up her mushroom starter and was blown away by her main which was a veggie curry that had flavours of mango in.

I know what you’re thinking – GARLIC BREATH R U MAD? But here’s why visiting an Indian restaurant actually makes a great date… First of all, as long as you don’t order anything wimpy like a Korma, your date is going to be impressed by your cultured taste buds. Secondly, you can share and taste each other’s dishes, which is a great conversation starter – especially if you go for the Set Menus, which I did at both restaurants (I actually tried their festive menus at both places where you get a set 3 course meal that ranges in price depending on how posh you want to go for your dishes and OMFG continue to be in my mouth plz). Lastly, you can seductively lick tarka dhal from the corner of your mouth and it’s an insta-food boner for your partner for the evening.

My partner for the evening was my bez Laila but I’m pretty sure I remember her saying how sexy I looked with poppadom crumbs in my hair. We then proceeded to blog brainstorm over bhajis and had a thoroughly good time.

Pizza Storm

I also visited PizzaStorm in the Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth. Pizza Storm is a new concept (well one I haven’t heard of) which is basically like Subway but for pizza. I KNOW. I took a few pals from work and upon entry we were ushered to the counter where we could choose from 4 different sauces for our base. Then we picked which cheese we wanted out of a huge selection – I went for cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella because FUCK MY WAISTLINE. Then you move along to your toppings. You are allowed an unlimited amount of goodness (for just £8.45) and because I just felt like going for it, I pretty much asked for everything. Which is a lot considering they have over 30 to choose from. Then your 11 incher is whacked in the hot fire oven and stone baked for 180 seconds before being ready.

We also had potato wedges and garlic bread bites on the side and we were good to go. My friends and I usually have our work catch ups at a Pizza Express and we alllll said how much nicer the pizzas were. In fact, we’ve already planned to go back!

I’m always on the hunt for dinner date location recommendations, so if you have any – please holla via Twitter or my email. My stomach thanks you.

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  1. Veronica Bizzarri
    December 27, 2016 / 2:33 pm

    Love the sound of Pizza Storm so many options! great idea for a date night everyone loves pizza and you can be a bit creative


  2. Meg
    December 27, 2016 / 4:12 pm

    Okay PizzaStorm sounds like my new home tbh.

  3. Victoria Nightingale
    December 27, 2016 / 11:48 pm

    Haha in my experience whenever I’ve dined out on first dates I’ve just never eaten anything (because good conversation). I didn’t even know it was seen as a bad date idea lol x