3 Hero Skincare Products For The Perpetually Useless

DISCLAIMER: This is not your average skincare recommendation.

easy skincare regime

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A bit of background… I am useless with my skin. Up until the age of 15, I barely wiped water across my face (unless to get rid of unsightly tidemarks for school photos).

Between 15 and 25, I made a new best buddy – St Ives Apricot scrub. Once a week I’d go to Exfoliatown on my face and wish my spots, dead skin cells and burgeoning wrinkles away, (I AGE TERRIBLY, OK?).

But at the ripe old age of 25, I realised that that £2.99 jobby from Superdrug just wasn’t going to cut it any more – nah, I needed the big leagues. In walked the Clinique Multi-Step Solution.

It’s main event? An exfoliating lotion that they admittedly used to clean their counter surfaces with. That shit killed me. Spots became scars. Dryness became flaky patches and all moisture was stripped faster than a Love Island contestant’s bikini.

So I made a choice. One that would surely protect my skin from every bad thing on earth. A face-wipe – the only thing that could be trusted.

And trust in face-wipes I did right up until about 6 weeks ago.

I met with the beautiful Rosie from Tropic Skincare after she kindly sent me a care package after my father passed away.

Yep, my hero products were actually gifted, but the real gift? Was a skincare regime I could, for once, stick to. And lads – it’s changed my life. Here’s why and how…

easy skincare regime

A Skincare Routine Routine

As many of you reading this probably do too – I suffer on and off with depression. I have since I was a teenager. And as anyone with mental health problems can attest to – sometimes just getting up to go for a wee is an insurmountable task.

So to find something that takes, NO JOKE – 4 minutes – was a dream. It also meant that if I was having a bad day, as long as I did my lil 4 minute routine – I’d feel like I was bossing it. Even if I had to creep back under the duvet immediately afterwards (whilst letting the moisturiser sink in).

The Feel of The Products

Guys, I’m no Caroline Hirons and a cohesive beauty review this is not, but I am all about textures.

The cleanser is applied to a damp face and rubbed in. It has a beautifully creamy texture and a natural-not-over-powering scent.

Then a hot bamboo cloth is used to massage off the cleanser. This cloth is softer than my ex’s penis and I actually enjoy wiping this thing over my face.

After, I spray the toner over my face. It’s this part of the routine that I love the most, because if I can’t be arsed to do ANYTHING, the thought of a refreshing, zingy, awakening spritz is what motivates me.

Finally, the moisturiser is whacked on and DONE.

4 minutes guys.

easy skincare regime

It’s Ethical, innit

In an ‘over-consumerised-here’s-a-cold-latte-that-I-ordered-for-the-gram-but-won’t-drink society’, where waste is ever present and our spending is at an all time high, it’s time we actually thought more about what we’re spending our money on.

(and if you want to read a post on how influencers can be ethically better when promoting different products and brands, click here)

And whilst I haven’t actually spent my money on these products (but totally will when I run out) if I did, I’d be happy to say I’m spending it on products that ARE actually cruelty-free and ARE actually vegan.

Because even if I still get Ubers everywhere, and use old MAC lipsticks – at least this is a little start to becoming more ethically conscious.

If all of the above has convinced the useless-at-skin- person in you to give it a go, you can get the entire regime here.

Cleanser/Bamboo cloth / Toner / Moisturiser

And if it hasn’t – come and let me know what your routine is! Or if you’re equally as useless as I am with your skin, come and chat about some things you can do to make a little difference.

Because we have only got one face, and I’d like mine to resemble human skin for at least 20 more years before it turns into one talking, eating, breathing scrotum.

easy skincare regime

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  1. Francesca
    April 21, 2018 / 8:26 am

    I’m still a user of good old trusty face wipes no matter how many posts I read about how bad they are!

    I know I need to change though and this sounds like a good place to start…

    Francesca Andrews

  2. April 21, 2018 / 9:51 am

    I want to start off by saying, I am bloody obsessed with your new blog by the way.. ? I made adhering to a skincare routine one of my New Year’s Resolutions because I am bloody awful at it, but this sounds incredibly easy – even easier than my current routine of removing my makeup, cleansing and spritzing with a bit of Tea Tree Toner Water! I’m all about products that don’t have an overpowering smell as well.. ?

  3. April 22, 2018 / 3:54 pm

    Pahaha the bit about your ex’s soft penis made me almost spit out my drink, amazing! I have to admit I am on the opposite end of the scale with skincare, I’m OBSESSED and have been for years. Let’s just say that The Body Shop has got a fuck tonne of money from me.

  4. April 24, 2018 / 10:25 am

    Ah I love this post Vix. And the new blog layout is so pretty! I moved over to Tropic when Liz Earle got bought by an animal-testing company as Tropic seem to be the only ones doing a hot cloth cleanser that’s cruelty free and doesn’t cost the earth…. not that it’s pennies, mind, but it does last a good while for £16.00 including the cloth.

    My only gripe is when travelling. I’m a travel blogger so I’m often on the go and always want to limit the amount of liquids in my bag. Makeup wipes were good for that back in the day… I don’t use them at all any more because of them being in the sea killing wildlife forever… But I always find that decanting cleanser into those little plastic bottles results in a lot of waste and bringing a bag of wet bamboo cloths home is a bit gross/heavy.

    If anyone finds a good solution, please share!

    • vixmeldrew
      April 24, 2018 / 11:40 am

      Maybe we should appeal to Tropic to do a Travel-size set!

  5. April 30, 2018 / 10:52 pm

    I’ve heard loads of good things about Tropic but have never actually tried the brand out for myself. With your stamp of approval I guess it’s finally time to give them a try! Will definitely be picking up the cleanser and moisturiser when my bank balance is looking a bit more healthy.