5 ways to feel festive AF

Most of us still have a fair amount of time before we break up from work and try to wrestle the unsuspecting elderly for the last available turkey crown in M&S. So whilst everyone under the age of 12 is making Christmas cards, Skyping Santa and watching every festive cartoon possible, we have to find other ways to feel festive. So here are my fail safe ways…

    1. Snog a random under the mistletoe. Whether it’s at your work Xmas party or in a random pub, get a hottie under the little green flowery planty thing and play some festive tonsil tennis. There is no better way to ring in the Christmas period than getting waaaaay too drunk on Port and pulling.


    1. Drunkenly throw up half a tin of Quality Street. Nightlife is POPPING at this time of year. There are work parties, friend reunions and general merriment to be had. Everywhere you go is busy and you can guarantee a better atmosphere than say on a Wednesday in June. Capitalise on this by pre drinking your weight in Prosecco whilst gorging on every chocolate that should be in your Christmas Day stash. Then hit the town, cry-sing Mariah Carey ‘All I Want for Christmas’ to your mates and relive the joy of the rare strawberry Roses by bringing it back up again at 3am.


    1. Call in sick. If you don’t watch Elf at least 45 times it might as well not be Christmas. So treat yourself to an end of year duvet day to celebrate all the days you have made it into work or school this year. When you’ve finally made the call, jump into your fair-isle pjs, light your tree, stick on a festive smelling candle and line up the following; Jingle Balls, The Santa Clause, Miracle on 34th Street, all of the Harry Potters and the most Christmassy of Christmas films – Die Hard.


    1. Buy yourself all the things. It’s not Christmas shopping unless you’ve bought precisely nothing for anyone else but you have managed to walk away with 7 new NYX lip creams, new loungewear and a perfume or 3. Buying for other people can be unbelievably dull and it’s almost as though you deserve a treat for treating every body else. Plus is there anything more Christmassy than picking up an EggNog latte and sipping it whilst browsing all the 3 for 2 offers in Waterstones and wondering which Jamie Oliver book you haven’t bought for your Nan yet but still walking away with a Zadie Smith number for yourself.


    1. Do ACTUAL festive things. I know I jest but really is there anything that makes you feel festive AF more than buying cute wrapping paper, sweet decorations, lights, candles and ornaments to turn your pad into a mini Santa’s grotto? This year my flatmate and I picked out a pre lit tree (handy) and a whole host of baubles and bits to hang. Then we stuck on a Christmas playlist and screeched our way through Last Christmas whilst putting everything up. Now we love coming home and putting the tree on whilst snuggling up under our snowflake blankets and watching a Christmas film. If you want to browse some beaut Christmas bits then look no further than Cox and Cox. Check out their Christmas range here.


How do you make yourself feel festive AF?

This post was written in collaboration with Cox and Cox but all festive feelings are my own.

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