A Guide To Mykonos

Mykonos is one of Greece’s best known islands; it has beautiful beaches, an exciting nightlife and
(probably) the most Insta worthy town.

People come here for all types of holidays and I think that is why it’s so popular.

They have boutique hotels and resort packages, hostels and all night parties or
villas for families and groups. Mykonos is also where you’ll find the gorgeous windmills set just above the town on the hill.

Mykonos isn’t a huge island, you could spend a long weekend here and be able to see most of the main spots.

However, it wouldn’t be possible to walk everywhere making it big enough to spend a whole week here if you wanted.

I found it hard to know what to do beyond visiting the main town while I was planning my trip so I’ve put together some of the things we did during our stay, where we ate and of course the best spot for Instagram photos.

Mykonos Town
Paraportiani Church

Things To Do

Hire an ATV for the day

Although it isn’t a huge island it’s not possible to walk everywhere.

There are buses that run frequently around the main spots of the island so transport isn’t essential everyday but I’d spend one day hiring an ATV.

Don’t worry if you haven’t driven one before, it’s just like a go kart really.

Doing this will allow you to visit all those hard to reach places meaning you’ll find a little peace and quiet away from the holiday makers.

It is also so much fun driving around on an ATV that after seeing a few people on them you’ll just want to have a go.

Prices were around €40-50 for 24 hire in June.

Have a beach day

Mykonos is made for having a beach day.

Most beaches are covered with sun loungers and umbrellas and even resident DJs pumping the tunes, don’t worry it’s mainly quite civilised.

Sun loungers will set you back €20-40 for 2 with an umbrella or alternatively head
to Paraga Beach Hostel where you can nab a lounger for free if you spend €10 on food and drink.

If you opt for the hotel resort stay then you’ll probably have access to free sun loungers.

Just be warned if you visit early in the season the sea is still pretty cold!

Elia Beach
Little Venice

Explore The Town

Mykonos Town is one of the most beautiful Greek towns I’ve set foot in.

It is full of little laneways, cute painted stone paths and of course those iconic white and blue buildings.

The town itself is full of amazing spots to take photos as well as great eateries and cute shops.

You could easily just spend a day exploring everything the shops have to offer.

I’d also recommend heading into town
early(ish) one morning to get those all important Insta shots without anyone else around (more on that below).

Finally, make sure you head up to the windmills on the outskirts of town, for best views go at sunset.

Where to Eat

Paraga Hostel

This place is possibly the least authentic when it comes to Greek restaurants but they serve up huge portions which are delicious and cheap!

We ate there twice - it was that good.

They still have all your typical Greek cuisine plus a few western options and pizza but it doesn’t have your typical ‘Greek tavern feel’.

What it does have is great views of Paraga Beach and either bar or cafe style seating.

Katerina's Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Katerina’s is located in Mykonos main town and is in Little Venice.

They have a separate restaurant and bar both with sea views. The best bit is that they have a few tables on the balcony overlooking the sea and a small space inside where the views were still pretty.

The restaurant was slightly more expensive than most places but it felt slightly more fancier too.

We both had fish and it was amazing, so fresh and a welcome change to the typical meat dishes you get in Greece.

Andreas Maria

This was my favourite dinner spot on the island, it is located super close to our Airbnb and not far from Platis Gialos beach.

It is your typical family run Greek tavern (read the best kind of restaurant).

They serve all your typical Greek dishes like tzaziki, olives, feta, stuffed peppers,
gyros, souvlaki and Moussaka.

The best part is a huge glass of wine that cost just €2.50 and they gave us shots at the end, I’m still not sure what they were but they tasted good!

Best Insta Spots


If you’ve seen many photos of Mykonos, chances are you’ve seen this spot and thought it looks idyllic.

It is a restaurant that has an alley way for outdoor seat, when it’s all set up and no one else is sat there - it is the perfect Insta photo.

That being said it is also an amazing spot before the restaurant opens which isn’t until at least 9am!

Annezos Hat

Annezos Hat

This was one of the most popular spots in Mykonos for being taking Insta shots.

It’s located in the main town on the main walk way through nearest Little Venice side of town.

Be prepared to queue to get your shot or come early and you’ll have all the time in the world.

Paraportiani Orthodox Church

This is one of the most well known churches in Mykonos town and one of the most beautiful.

It’s located not far from Kastros and the whole area has plenty of colourful doors set against the white backdrop of the church.

Come here early in the morning so you can get your shots without others in your way.

Be sure to check the little church behind with the blue door which is just as good for Insta snaps.

So there we have it - a bitesize guide to some great Mykonos spots! Have you been before? Where would you recommend? Or would you like to go to any of these spots?

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