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Vix Meldrew is an award-winning blogger, one-time-award-winning, comedian, social commentator and contributor based in London.

Hello, hi, that's me (soz for the third person but it's the best way to toot my own horn without being *too* wanky).

She has an award-winning blog and has been featured everywhere from Pretty 52 to The Independent. She has written pieces on the rise of dating misbehaviour to listicles on oral sex and personal mental health insights. Her style is, 'witty, observational and painfully honest.'

She won 'Best Dating Blog' in 2016 and has been shortlisted for other awards including: Blogger of the Year (x2), Best Lifestyle and Best Dating and Relationships blogs (2017).

In January 2017, Vix was named one of the '17 Influencers to Watch in 2017' by MTV.

Vix has also spent 2017 on a variety of TV and radio shows where her humour has added commentary to many sex and dating issues. She has appeared on: BBC, Radio 1, LBC and Channel 5.

Vix is looking to take 2018 by the horns by getting her book on how the past of a 30-something-year-old-woman shapes who she is in the future published, help out other bloggers with their spaces and just generally kicking the shit out of every algorithm possible and have more people reading her stuff!

About The Blog

YAY I can speak again. So my blog is divided up into loads of categories but it's essentially a space for me to document life as the ultimate millennial. As someone who is concerned for the future of humanity as much as she is passionate about early 00s RnB, I want this space to have content for the socially conscious as well as the completely nostalgic late twenty - thirty-something.

If you want your brand featured in any of my posts, just get in contact and I will have some brilliant brand collaboration ideas!


The best place to grab me is on Twitter but please feel free to email any enquiries to


I only accept gifted items or write sponsored posts for brands that I would use myself. All gifted products are labelled c/o (courtesy of) and I always make it clear when posts have been sponsored. I am also part of an affiliate network so any links that are used to monetize will be marked with an asterix (*). It is my policy that I always disclaim when I am working with a brand, in line with ASA, CAP and IAB guidelines

*talking in the 3rd person is bloody fun isn't it?

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