Another Year Older [AD]

This post is an advertorial for the Seven Seas Perfect7 Renewal. I was invited to have my skin characteristics and condition measured, to then trial the product for 60 days and report on any improvements. 

In this post, I’m discussing my feelings around ‘ageing’ and giving you a bit of an insight into the product. I’ll be following this on with my results in another post coming soon!

For some women, the concept of ageing is a daunting one, filled with fears of becoming invisible, of being told that your best years have passed and the hurtling realisation that time really isn’t infinite.

seven seas perfect7 renewal

For some women, ‘anti-ageing’ products are a life-saver. The promise to roll back the years, to retain youth and live those ‘best years’ for as long as possible is a tempting one.

For some women though, ageing is a blessing. A reminder that you’re here, present and that each creak of bone and line of skin is a memory or experience that has built you.

For some women, ‘anti-ageing’ is a societal construct forced upon us as another stick to beat ourselves with. When the standard of beauty means primed, plumped and perfection – the appearance of ageing appears to be the anti-thesis of this.

And for some women, whether they buy into the ‘anti-ageing’ concept is a personal one. Sure they may believe, at their core, that ageing is normal and beautiful and should be celebrated but they may also be fully aware of the prejudices that come with it.

Ageing is a concept I struggle with, I’m not going to lie.

My Mum and Aunties aged way before their years. My Mum went fully grey at 37, lost her teeth in her forties and had a face that was (beautifully) lined with experiences most of us could never comprehend.

She bought product after product to ‘combat the signs of ageing’ whilst simultaneously not using them, smoking and eating the beige-est of diets with her only water consumption coming from her hourly cuppa.

So growing up, surrounded by anti-ageing messages from her and all of the other sources we get our beauty standard messages from, I harboured a fear of ageing. This was coupled with always looking young for my age – and liking that fact. Being ID’ed to buy a 12 certificate DVD when I was 18, having two bouncers having to double check that my ID wasn’t fake, at 25 and the occasional glances from self-service checkout workers whenever I bought gin.

Whilst I completely understand that ageing is beautiful, natural and normal, I am also terrified of it.

Perhaps from a vain point of view, or perhaps from a fearful point of view.

Perhaps and probably both.

seven seas perfect7 renewal
seven seas perfect7 renewal

When Seven Seas approached me to work on a super secret launch of their new ‘skin supplement’ product, I was intrigued. I do NOTHING for my skin apart from my usual cleanse, tone and moisturise routine but even that’s not every day.

Here I was, a little lazy when it comes to my skin, being offered a trial of a product that promised to help reduce the visible signs of ageing, like wrinkles and support my skin that’s perhaps not been treated the most kindly due to sun exposure, diet and lifestyle.

And here I was, someone who does not take care of their skin, who is worried about ageing but trying to embrace it, who doesn’t wear as much factor 50 as she should and who can’t hand on heart remember the last time she ate a truly fresh vegetable.

So I thought, let’s give it a go. Even if I’m not too bothered (at this stage) about wrinkles but I AM bothered about the visible state of my skin and how I treat it from within – so why not try a product that believes it can help with it all?

So I did. I was treated to a very exciting launch brunch with a leading skincare analyst who told me all about the product and the science behind it.

The skin analyst has over 15 years’ experience in her field and I learnt things about skin that, I’m ashamed to not have known before.

She explained, at this first meeting, that as we age skin can lose some of its elasticity in part due to lifestyle stressors, and Ceramides levels (which comprise 50% of the skin’s moisture barrier) also tends to drop with age which contributes to why skin starts to look less firm, smooth and hydrated. and become looser.

Lots of things affect how our skin looks – some of which are lack of sleep, lack of hydration, lack of essential vitamins and minerals.

Essentially how we live our lives directly influences the rate of the ageing process.

Finally it hit me that weekly kebabs, daily lattes, endless face wipes and 1am bed times were going to take their toll and quickly. And I needed to start doing something about it.

So after an in-depth skin scan, using cutting edge technology, which surprisingly showed my skin looked good for my age, I took home my 60 day supply of the Perfect7 Skin Renewal Advanced supplement and began to introduce taking the multi-vitamin and mineral, fish oil Omega-3
and Ceramoside capsules into my daily routine.

And here we are. I’ve been back for my follow up scan and I can’t wait to reveal the results in another blog post.

Do you think there’s been a difference? What supplements do you take for your skin? And how do you feel about the ageing process?

Further information can be found here: Perfect7 Renewal and Renewal Advanced are exclusively available at Boots and currently on a 3 for 2 offer.

Skin Photography before and after 60 days. Each pack contains a 30-day supply.

Food supplements do not substitute a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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