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More Than Half Of The Year Has Passed: What’s Been Going On And What’s Next?

What a fab excuse to have a catch up with you all is showing you my incredible new Thomas Sabo charm necklace and pendant! This is a sponsored post but let’s have a catch up SHALL WE.

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Love Island 4.37: There’s Loyalty, Flack Royalty And Some Blood Boil-aty

Love Island Series 4, Episode 37 – you can read the previous episode run downs, here.

So carrying on from the last episode, the safe Islanders must decide whether to keep Wes and …

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Love Island 4:35 and 36 A Bit More Is Happening And Idris Is Gone Huzzah

Love Island Series 4, Episodes 35 and 36 recap. You can read the episode 33 and 34 recap here.

Again it was the weekend and again I couldn’t find enough interesting moments …

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Love Island 4.33 and 34: Not Much Is Going On, But Here’s What Is…

Love Island Series 4, Episodes 33 and 34. You can read the episode 32 run down here.

Honestly the most interesting Love Island news lately is Cazza Flazza’s real-life break up so …

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Love Island 4.32: The New Guys Bring The Dramz And Georgia’s Not That Into Samz

Love Island Series 4, Episode 32 – you can read the episode 31 run-down here.

Frankie and Grace have been dumped and we’ve forgotten them already.

Samira hasn’t. She is crying …

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Love Island 4.31: There’s A Dumping, An Official Coupling And Some Lights On Humping

Love Island Series 4, Episode 31. You can read the episode 30 run down, here.

We’re continuing the world’s most boring dates and Laura has walked off after being rejected by new Jack. …

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Love Island 4.30: Whilst The Girls Are Away, The Boys Will… Do A Weird Yorkshire Based Role-Play

Love Island Series 4, Episode 30. You can read Friday night’s run down, here.

We’re still talking about THE KISS from Georgia and Jack’s date. The internet has been divided with half of …

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Love Island 4.29: There’s Waving Goodbye, Kissing Laura’s Guy And Dancing That Makes Me Cry

Love Island Series 4, Episode 29. You can read the previous run down, here.

Wes and Georgia have decided who to recouple with and the rest of the islanders are booted off.

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