plus size bride

‘So Are You Going To Lose Weight Before The Wedding?’

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vix is wearing a black blazer, white tshirt and white jeans

New Beginnings, Again

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Why We Left London Behind

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i feel sad when

I’m Sad When…

As I scrolled through Facebook and passed Love Island gossip, baby updates from friends and ridiculous LadBible headlines, I came across a video of Lady Gaga speaking at Yale University that was titled, ‘Saying No,’ and my obsession with the Star Is Born actress halted me in my tracks and ensured I watched the video […]

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will 2019 be your year

This Is How You Know 2019 Will Be Your Year

Wow 2018 was a TIME wasn’t it? It felt like at the exact same time, the world was falling apart just as we were all coming together. You’re either ending 2018, wishing these last few days would hurry tf up and disappear so you can firmly camp in front of your TV for Christmas showings […]

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seven seas perfect7

Understanding My Skin With Seven Seas [AD]

This post is part two of a sponsored post with Seven Seas but all reflections are my own. Read part one, here. WOAH HOLD UP, stop reading this post and make sure you’ve read part one first. That’s where I give you the low down on my collaboration with Seven Seas and the product that […]

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the pill mental health

Did The Pill Make Me Depressed?

Is it linked? The Pill and Mental Health problems? That’s a big question. And one I’ve wondered for a while. It’s also a question that I know you’re probably wondering about too. Ever since I read, ‘Sweetening The Pill: Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control’ by Holly Grigg-Spall, I’ve been researching the […]

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seven seas perfect7 renewal

Another Year Older [AD]

This post is an advertorial for the Seven Seas Perfect7 Renewal. I was invited to have my skin characteristics and condition measured, to then trial the product for 60 days and report on any improvements.  In this post, I’m discussing my feelings around ‘ageing’ and giving you a bit of an insight into the product. […]

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