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Working with Vix has given me such a clear focus and sense of direction when it comes to my blog and business. Not only has she helped me to realise my own potential within the industry, but she has given me a clear action plan to achieve it. Since working with her, I already feel more connected to my audience, and like my voice has been clearly established. Tie this all together with her infectious personality and clear desire to help people, and you have the perfect coach! I couldn’t recommend working with her more highly. 

Shauna, The Goddess Guide

When I made this blog into a full time career and blogging coach business in May 2018, I felt HORRENDOUS about leaving teaching behind.

I love the light-bulb moments. I love facilitating individuals to be the best they can be. I love finding someone’s spark with them and guiding them to fan their flame. And posting my dinners to Instagram or writing about slippers just wasn’t cutting it for me in terms of fulfilment.

So I thought about bring my two biggest loves – blogging and teaching – together and decided to be a blogging coach, alongside writing and creating my own content.

I started by having ‘working lunches’ with other bloggers where we’d talk over where they were getting stuck and I’d help them find a new path and I loved it SO MUCH!

For the past few months, since quitting teaching and starting my own business, I’ve been developing coaching programmes designed to help people like you, wherever you’re at in your blogging journey, achieve those big goals.

And it’s been working! I’ve been a blogging coach for a ton of beautiful women who’ve seen huge growth in their following, an upsurge in their traffic, a confidence to approach brands, paid work coming in by the truck load and most importantly – a clear direction towards achieving their big goal.

I think you should take a look at what they’re saying, here.

So why choose me to be your blogging coach and help you become THE blogger? I’m not an ‘expert‘. I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers. I’m not a millionaire.

BUT I am an expert at assessing where you’re at in your journey and facilitating a path to success for you. I have built a loyal and engaged audience of over 30,000 followers by just being me and I’m earning enough, through blogging, that I could say goodbye to a professional career

And I’ll never profess to be the expert. Or to know more about your journey and your goals than you. But I will offer you 6 years of experience of growing a brand, cultivating a following, working on amazing collaborations, writing for renowned publications and starting your own business from scratch.

Can’t be that bad, can it?

If you’re ready to take the next stepI have something for you! When you register to receive information about working with me as your blogging coach, you’ll also get this FREE Mini-Guide on fostering better engagement with your followers. It’s something that I discuss a lot during my coaching so this is a great start!

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Find out more about my coaching here and this guide will be on its way to you!