Here you’ll find posts all about my life from a personal development aspect. You can find pieces on my relationships, my career journey, wedding planning and just about everything that pops into my brain at 2am after one too many Diet Cokes in the day.

I’m not the girl who

21st September 2015

The lovely Alice tweeted me on Sunday to ask where this post had gone. That inspired me to trawl my Blogger archive for any posts I’d been particularly proud of that hadn’t yet migrated to Squarespace. Turns out there’s only about 3. Lolz. This is one of them. I’ve even added/edited a few more bits so it’s […]

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10 things I regret from growing up

1st September 2015

I wrote this post whilst on the plane on the way home from Vegas. I still haven’t adjusted to being on home soil and there’s so much going on with the house renovation, getting ready to go back to school and the Blogger Beauty Box that I haven’t had time to write up the 4753 […]

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10 things I hate about the Twittersphere

28th August 2015

I’m back from Vegas! That means, back to a bit more of a regular posting schedule. I devised this little post on my 10 hour flight home. There are actually a million things I hate about Twitter but I condensed my biggest moans into 1 little pile for ya. Unrelated to Twitter but look at […]

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10 things that make the post-night out luxurious

9th May 2015

Writing this whilst coming back from a night out FYI…may have around 7 G&Ts in me… 1. The horrendously greasy, carbed and downright suspicious meals you have immediately after finishing drinking and prior to hailing a cab are some of the most gourmet tasting morsels that will ever pass your dehydrated and cracked lips. 2. […]

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