Here you’ll find posts all about my life from a personal development aspect. You can find pieces on my relationships, my career journey, wedding planning and just about everything that pops into my brain at 2am after one too many Diet Cokes in the day.

sunday night dread

Sunday Night Dread But Make It Freelance

20th August 2018

It’s a familiar stomachey feeling, Sunday Night Dread, isn’t it?  You’ve had an amazing weekend, filled with rest and relaxation or socialising and exploring. You’ve felt content, happy and free from work distractions. But then 4pm on a Sunday hits and BAM there it is. The realisation that the weekend is drawing to a close. […]

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peak millennial

Have You Reached ‘Peak Millennial’?

16th August 2018

I recently had a moment whilst waiting for the 159 bus to bring me, sweaty, broken and exhausted me, back home from Oxford Street after a day of fannying about up town under the pretence of being a bloguer. It was a moment that really gave me an out-of-body experience, looking at what I was […]

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bridal body confidence

Bridal Body Confidence: The Struggle Is Real

13th August 2018

Walking into the bridal shop this weekend, I anticipated a fairly uncomfortable experience for someone who can often be fairly uncomfortable with her appearance, but I wasn’t prepared for the overriding feeling of a complete collapse in ‘bridal body confidence’ that overtook me whilst drowning in white satin and lace. Bridal Body Confidence Was Weak […]

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free things to do in venice

The Best Free Things To Do In Venice

1st August 2018

The Best Free Things To Do In Venice  A little while ago, I asked some lovely bloggers if they’d like to contribute some content over here whilst I was swamped with Love Island shiz. Luckily for me, the gorgeous Amy, who I’m a huge fan of stepped in and here’s a lovely lil post from […]

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mid size style

Mid-Size Representation Rocks But We Need To Be Mindful

26th July 2018

The term, ‘mid-size’ seems to be everywhere at the moment. With Lucy Jane Wood OWNING YouTube with her, ‘size 14’ content, the launch of the ‘Mid Size Collective’ on Instagram and every blogger who falls into the category finally feeling like they have a home to show off their ‘mid-size style’, it’s quickly becoming the […]

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Capsule Wardrobe: How I’m Starting Mine

4th July 2018

I’m sure you already know what a capsule wardrobe is but for those (like me) who’ve spent the best part of 15 years bouncing from trend to trend and have always favoured fast fashion over any form of practicality, here’s a quick explanation. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of […]

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Why I Need A Tidy Home For A Tidy Mind

20th June 2018

The items in this post were bought using a gift-card that was sent to me from Primark’s press department but all thoughts, opinions and non-ironing of sheets are my own. As a primary school teacher, I reckon I spent a good 8 hours a day in my bedroom. By the time I’d come home from […]

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