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Love Island 4.16: Everyone’s Doing Bits, New Boy Sam Ruffles Adam’s Feathers And Megyal Are Still Boring AF

Love Island Series 4, Episode 16. You can read yesterday’s recap here.

We join the contestants in the bedroom and we can clearly see that Wes and Laura are up to something under …

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Love Island 4.15: Rosie Warns Zara, The Girls Pillow Fight And Adam Is Still A Dick

Love Island Series 4, Episode 15. Read the previous day’s recap, here.

We’re right back into the aftermath of Rosie swaying her hips over to Adam in an attempt to sway his interest …

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Love Island 4.14: Laura’s Lost Her Mind, Alex’s Lost His Losing Streak and Zara’s Lost All Of Her Sense

Love Island Series 4, Episode 14 recap. Read yesterday’s run-down here.

We’re back and Zara and Ellie have just one more date left each – Adam and Alex.

The boys are …

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Love Island 4.13: The Doctor Gets A Date, Wes Gets Some Hate And What Is Adam and Rosie’s Fate?

Love Island Series 4, Episode 13. Read the previous day’s catch up, here.

We’re back with a new girls BANG and Georgia tells us that she respects newbies Ellie and Zara – unless …

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Love Island 4.12: Georgia Is BANTER, Adam Receives Some Hand Relief And Could The Good Doctor Get Lucky?

Love Island Series 4, Episode 12. Catch up on Friday night’s episode here.

Aaaaand we’re back. It’s the day after Haylie departed and immediately the average IQ in the house has raised 32 …

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Love Island 4.11: A Couple Is Culled, No-One Knows What Compatible Means And The Voting Guilt Creeps In

Love Island Series 4, Episode 11 (previous episode here) – this is Friday’s episode but I was at a hen-do, soz.

The text votes are in and Alex and Charlie discuss their status …

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