Mental Health

I’ve had depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. Furthermore, I lost both my Mum and Dad within the last 3 years. These posts are a way for me to document my journey towards dealing with grief, happiness and healing.


17th January 2016

This is just a super quick post. Anything longer and I just won’t be able to cope. Those of you that know me, may know that my Mum had been suffering from cancer for a few years. Earlier this month, her suffering ended. I didn’t shout it out loud on social media, I didn’t even […]

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How to pull yourself out of a shit spiral

30th October 2015

Ennui. Not only a bloody good word that makes you seem super smart but also a general feeling that has permeated my social media recently. Everyone’s fed up with their jobs, blogs, boyfriends and tampon bills and the sense of sadness is palpable. Tuesday evening I found myself hosting a Periscope pity party where some […]

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