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Mental Health Journey: On Having A Life To Look Forward To

Here’s a more personal one for you guys. Most of you have been around for my mental health journey and what I’ve documented so far. So I thought now was a good time to give you a bit of an …

The Art of 21st Century Dating

Whether you’re freshly single, or have never been in a relationship, “dating” is basically the rollercoaster we all need to board at some time or other.

There’s a …

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My Engagement Story

As you may have seen on Twitter and Instagram this weekend, I’M ENGAGED. I was overwhelmed with lovely responses that ranged from, ‘yay congrats’ to, ‘oMfG LoOk At ThAt RiNg!’ and a slew of DMs curious about how it all …

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How To Deal With A Bad Body Image Day

Bad Body Image Days. We all get them.

No matter how shit hot we feel or how passionate we are about screwing diet culture and societal beauty standards …

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Emotional Abuse: My Story Of A Relationship With An ‘Adam’

Avid Love Island viewer or not, you can’t have escaped the media shitstorm that has taken over our timelines and news desks these past 48 hours.

The ITV2 show, which depicts ‘relationships’ between villa inhabitants, has come under …

Why ‘Just Reach Out’ Isn’t Enough For Those Who Are Struggling With Their Mental Health

With the recent news of the sad passings of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, our social media timelines are …

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