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Emotional Abuse: My Story Of A Relationship With An ‘Adam’

Avid Love Island viewer or not, you can’t have escaped the media shitstorm that has taken over our timelines and news desks these past 48 hours.

The ITV2 show, which depicts ‘relationships’ between villa inhabitants, has come under …

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All Of The Times I’ve Been Catfished

Ah catfishing. A word that only entered our vernacular when Nev, Max and MTV crashed into our lives to regale us with horror stories of people who are dangerously not who they appear to be.

My experiences of …

Modern Dating Is Like A Full-Time Job: Here’s How To Get A Promotion

In Collaboration with Tally

The Sundays I once spent: hungover, bingeing 24, ordering the largest Dominos you’ve ever seen and endlessly scrolling through dating apps may be a thing of the past. However, the memory of the AMOUNT OF WORK …

A Letter To My Single Self

Having lived with Ben for nearly 2 months and completely ‘living my best life’ whilst sharing a house with him, I have begun to reflect on what life was like …

Chivalry Is Dead: The 4 Outdated Dating Traditions That Need To Die Too

In 2018, women march through streets, holding placards and chastising those who stand in the way of equality.

In 2018, women are saying Times Up, Me Too and …

Does Finding Love = Finding Your Own Style?

Does finding love REALLY help you find your own style? Or am I being a boring relationship wanker? A pretentious twat? But really, it is something I’ve been wondering about. …

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