Sex & Relationships

For a long time I was a single gal navigating the dating world. It helped me learn more about myself and my relationship with sex. So I decided to jot down all of the nitty gritty so that you could read it and feel less alone too. Expect honesty, rawness and a LOT of rudeness…

Sex And The City

16 Things Sex And The City Taught Us

7th June 2018

It’s been 20 years since the first episode of Sex and The City aired, and whilst I didn’t become obsessed with it as an 11 year old, it has since become a pivotal guide for how I viewed sex and relationships as an adult. At times the show was gut-punchingly hilarious as equally as it […]

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All Of The Times I’ve Been Catfished

25th April 2018

Ah catfishing. A word that only entered our vernacular when Nev, Max and MTV crashed into our lives to regale us with horror stories of people who are dangerously not who they appear to be. My experiences of being catfished are nowhere near the, ‘I think I’m about to date Katy Perry but it’s actually […]

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la redoute single self

A Letter To My Single Self

21st February 2018

Having lived with Ben for nearly 2 months and completely ‘living my best life’ whilst sharing a house with him, I have begun to reflect on what life was like before it was filled with love, laughter and La Redoute furniture. So here is a letter to my previous self. A self who self-inflicted poor […]

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men bare minimum

Should We Reward Men For Doing The Bare Minimum?

12th January 2018

‘I would like to make a toast to all the good guys in Hollywood,’ Olivia Munn stated as she began hosting the Critic’s Choice Awards in LA this week. Munn went on to celebrate a range of Hollywood ‘good guys’ who have treated her in a way that she expects whilst Niecy Nash, her co-host, […]

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Does Finding Love = Finding Your Own Style?

5th December 2017

Does finding love REALLY help you find your own style? Or am I being a boring relationship wanker? A pretentious twat? But really, it is something I’ve been wondering about. And if you’re wondering how the two are related… LEMME TELL YA CHICKENS. Since falling in love I’ve FINALLY found my own personal style. Here’s […]

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MacBook coffee millennial

11 Sex Positions for Millennials

7th November 2017

I’m sure our millennial generation is having more sex than any generation before. Other than the Victorians. They were right dirty buggers! With ‘Sex Positions of the Week’ in magazines to heaving porn sites with every kink from bondage to ‘Cake Fart’ (DON’T SEARCH FOR IT), we’re overrun with new things to try. But us […]

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Roast Borough Market

Things We Discuss Over Dinner

23rd October 2017

I don’t know about you but there’s something about sharing glances over the dinner table that means you’re ready to get to know someone more than sitting closely in a bar or shouting at each other over music in the club. Ben and I have shared many a meal together in the 3 months we’ve […]

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