Sex & Relationships

For a long time I was a single gal navigating the dating world. It helped me learn more about myself and my relationship with sex. So I decided to jot down all of the nitty gritty so that you could read it and feel less alone too. Expect honesty, rawness and a LOT of rudeness…

Past relationships

Should You Let Your Past Define You?

5th October 2017

Your past doesn’t define you. This is a lesson that has taken me 30 years to learn. I haven’t had the easiest of upbringings, childhood or relationships – both familial and romantic. I certainly haven’t had the hardest but y’know – relativity. Some bits I choose to share on here, others are so shocking I […]

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David Clulow Rayban glasses

Seeing Things More Clearly

2nd September 2017

Isn’t it weird how looking back to past you, helps you see the future more clearly? The one who smothered me with attention and promises of meeting families after 2 weeks. Who cooked me gourmet meals after hard days at work. Who stayed up until 3am messaging me every day and laying bare our biggest […]

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Debenhams casual dress

Keeping It Casual

31st August 2017

Our work, our relationships, our feelings and our dress codes. We love to keep it casual don’t we? But is it time to cut all of the bullshit and get serious? Be prepared for a lot of me looking like a twat that can’t pose in this post. Keeping things casual has become synonymous with […]

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What Love Island Teaches Us About Modern Dating

18th June 2017

Love Island entered our lives a fortnight ago and isn’t going to be disappearing for the next couple of weeks. Due to the exposure to this generation of contestants, a lot of phrases and terminology have popped up that some of us have never encountered before. However, if you’re currently dating or have been in […]

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10 Things That Will Give You A Wide On

12th June 2017

In dating, you’re used to being on the receiving end of shitty behaviour. Anything from being stood up to waiting days for messages. So when the person you’re chatting to actually comes up with the goods, it results in the biggest wide on ever. So here are some things that’ll get those juices flowing whilst […]

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dating app

Is Tinder Dead?

6th June 2017

As dating apps go, Tinder has outshone the rest of the competition. It’s become a cultural phenomenon and a synonym for online dating. But it’s dead and here’s why. All free dating apps began as a way to match young singletons and assist them on their quest for love. Many a couple have met and […]

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