Sex & Relationships

For a long time I was a single gal navigating the dating world. It helped me learn more about myself and my relationship with sex. So I decided to jot down all of the nitty gritty so that you could read it and feel less alone too. Expect honesty, rawness and a LOT of rudeness…

The Art of Sexting

15th February 2016

Sexting is an absolute art form. Just like witnessing Kanye West, it can leave a feeling of euphoria in you for days OR can leave you massively cringed out after witnessing a 24 hour long Twitter rant. Cupcakes – another art form that can be delicious or make you sick after too much. Look, I’m […]

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7 Things About Relationships I Hate

6th February 2016

Being in a relationship is always a ‘grass is greener’ situation. When you’re in one, you find yourself wondering what it would be like to be single again – to do your own thing, not to have to worry about the future,!amongst other thoughts. But when you’re single, you find yourself craving the good stuff […]

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Why Internet Dating is the worst

18th January 2016

At some point in our lives, a vast majority of us will have used an Internet dating website or app. The modern world dictates that we need everything available at our fingertips and that includes future partners. Now I have no qualms in chatting to a guy at a bar or passing a note to […]

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10 things that make me swipe

30th December 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (also known as being in a faithful, committed relationship) you will probably know that the the major play in the dating app game is the ability to swipe left to get rid of the dregs you hope never try to chat you up in the club or swipe […]

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10 things guys should stop doing immediately

3rd December 2015

As I’ve started to dip my toe back into the dating pool, I have become increasingly aware of the nuances of the male dating ritual. And some of it ain’t pretty. You may occasionally find a nugget. The one who texts you first, doesn’t play mind games and is genuinely a nice person. BUT THEY […]

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