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Emotional Abuse: My Story Of A Relationship With An ‘Adam’

Avid Love Island viewer or not, you can’t have escaped the media shitstorm that has taken over our timelines and news desks these past 48 hours.

The ITV2 show, which depicts ‘relationships’ between villa inhabitants, has come under …

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Why I Need A Tidy Home For A Tidy Mind

The items in this post were bought using a gift-card that was sent to me from Primark’s press department but all thoughts, opinions and non-ironing of sheets are my own.

As a primary school teacher, I reckon I …

How To Start A Podcast

How To Start A Podcast

I decided to start a podcast after a few of my Twitter followers brought the idea to me. They wanted me to discuss boys, their bullshit and ‘banter’ and tbh – that’s not …

What It’s Like To Be Rejected For Laser Eye Surgery


Fucking shit. Post, done.

Obviously not.

But being rejected for laser eye surgery hurts just like every other rejection. That job you knew you were right for, even though you’re qualifications aren’t quite …

How To Spontaneously Socialise When You’re Always Busy

Deep in the depths of a Whatsapp group convo, inevitably titled, ‘Best Bitches’, a discussion ensues…

Ok I’m free Wednesday

Nope I’m not free, Thursday?

Ah, guys, I can’t do anything until after the …

Breaking Up Over A Drinks Trolley?

Living with a boy is nothing new to me.

I’m used to the arguments over untidiness and being woken up when they stroll in, completely battered at 3am, gearing for an argument.

I’m familiar with addictions …

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