Dear 18 Year Old Me

Dear Vix,

At 18, you were just finishing college. You had a steady boyfriend who you spent all your time with. But you always had insecurities. You worried that you were too fat, not attractive and that your vagina was weird. You thought you were too fat because at school you were told that you’d be fit if you lost weight. Your boyfriend at the time never mentioned your weight though, he was kind. Almost too kind because you very quickly fell into the trap of being best mates rather than lovers. Sure you’d stay at each other’s houses and you mastered going to second and third base with this one but going all the way scared you. You worried that you were hairy. You thought your lips, that hang down were ugly and you were convinced you smelled. Due to these insecurities, you made sure that most sexual activity between you and your boyfriend at the time centered on his pleasure. If you could keep all your clothes on then bonus.

I’m here to tell you now that you needn’t have worried. You were completely normal.

dear 18 year old me

Yes you carried your puppy fat a lot longer than your peers, but it meant that you didn’t fall into the teenage trap of being obsessed with your looks. Your Mum brought you up to realise that yes, taking care of yourself is important but being a good person, with a wicked personality will always mean that much more. As an adult now, you’re more comfortable with your saddle bags and the way your belly folds when you sit. You’ll even go on holiday with 7 boys and not feel *too* self conscious of being in a bikini and lazing around the pool. You, little 18 year old you, would never have believed that possible.

The attractiveness insecurity stayed with you for quite some time. You bounded from boyfriend to boyfriend where the sex fizzled out quickly and you always blamed yourself. You thought you needed to be ‘pornier’ or up for it all the time. One guy even made you believe he couldn’t be satisified unless you wore heels and a short skirt, like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman but without the 6ft pins. All of these messages you received as a teenager and as a younger woman truly made you believe you were unattractive. That will stay with you until you got rid of your cheating boyfriend and entered the dating world. Suddenly guys will pick up on your new found self confidence and will be falling over themselves to dance with you or get your number. You’ll get a fair share of matches on dating apps and you’ll even meet men that will tell you and show you how sexy you are. You, little 18 year old you, would never have believed that possible.

Finally, as you reach adulthood and you and your vagina become further allied, you’ll begin to understand it and appreciate it more. You will see other vaginas – either in porn or your mates getting theirs out whilst changing. Or you’ll see the episode of Sex and The City where an art exhibition is based on paintings of roses that look like vaginas and you’ll suddenly realise that yours is normal. You’ll be in the company of mature(ish) men who can’t get enough of your vagina and not one comment about the look, size or smell will come out of their mouths. You’ll explore your own vagina more. Where it once freaked you out to look at, you’ll suddenly understand it. Yes, after a long night partying or a hard day’s work you might worry about its cleanliness but THAT’S GOOD, you’re taking care of yourself. Plus you’ll know by now that vaginas are self cleaning – you just take care of the bits that might be sweaty and you’re good to go. And what do you know? By 30, not only are you comfortable with your body parts – you might even love them a little bit too. You, little 18 year old you, would never have believed that possible.

So, 18 year old Vix, hang in there. Your problems come and go. Nothing is permanent. Feelings and insecurities grow and change but you WILL become more comfortable and confident in yourself and you WILL make it. You, little 18 year old you, would never have believed that possible.

Love from, Current Vix

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1 Comment

  1. April 10, 2017 / 10:53 am

    I was definitely like this at 16/17. I was terrified in case I wasn’t normal, but as it turns out I had nothing to worry about as everyone looks so different “down there”.