Breaking Up Over A Drinks Trolley?

dunelm drinks trolley

Living with a boy is nothing new to me.

I’m used to the arguments over untidiness and being woken up when they stroll in, completely battered at 3am, gearing for an argument.

I’m familiar with addictions to computer games, cooking portions 3x bigger than I actually need (but still absolutely need) and fearing farting in front of them for the first time.

But this time it’s different.

dunelm bar cart
This time, the only minutely negative discourse we’ve had, has been over a blimming drinks globe.

So let me take you back to the end of last year when Ben and I decided we would move in together. It actually came up in conversation when we went to Paris together – a mere 4 months after meeting. We knew it was right – we just didn’t know if it was too soon.

The maniac in me immediately began looking up Zoopla on the Eurostar journey back and frantically sending him links to all of the places we could afford. We both fell in love with a brand-new development we walk past every day but decided March would be a good time. We’d be past the expense of Christmas, hopefully would have had a few more breaks away and we would’ve given it time to really uncover each other’s faults and warts and all.

But I’m 31 and the notion of waiting for things that feel right and make you happy is lost on me. And he’s 28, where age isn’t something that he’s constantly reminded of but still doesn’t get that notion. So we went to visit an apartment in Balham. We liked it but the estate agents of London – who like to rob you of every penny you’ve ever managed to even get a whiff of – wanted far too much up front than our, ‘Oh Shit I just bought you VIP Liam Gallagher tickets for Christmas’ budgets could stretch to. So again we said we’d wait a bit.

But again I’m impatient and booked us in to view the apartment we are now in today, for the very next day.

As we’d predicted when we first saw the listing on Zoopla – we fell in love with it. As we had NOT predicted, it was an extremely easy place to secure due to going through OpenRent (honestly check it out) rather than a traditional estate agent.

Then we had a moving date.

dunelm bar cart

Then again because I’m impatient we had it moved forwards to just after the new year.

Then the drinks globe was brought up.

Whilst I was busy pinning stunning Scandi interiors to my Pinterest and adding £47372 worth of stuff to my Dunelm basket, Ben was curating the realms of Amazon to find his ideal drinks globe.

A navy sofa, you can have, he agreed. Gold accessories are fine, he acquiesced. Yes, I appreciate you need THE blogger rug, he sighed BUT I NEED A DRINKS GLOBE, he stated.

Mid wondering whether this relationship could ever work with someone with such abysmal taste – I had flashbacks to my previous ‘with boy’ living arrangements.

Where my deal breakers were not drinks globes and wooden lizard ornaments but were far more harmful traits such as cheating, degradation, intimidation, disrespect, violence and verbal abuse. And I realised that this time it was different.

This time I was living with a boy who truly believes in equality, who is my number one fan, my biggest supporter, the best ear-lender. The one who can have me doubled over laughing one moment, weak at the knees the next and melting into a puddle of sop after another cute gesture not that long after.

So, readers, I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to hear (but possibly be proud of my comprising skills) I agreed we could get a drinks globe.

I was sure I could make it work. I spent hours trying to find an example on Pinterest of where it was tactfully added to decoration. And I came up with nothing. But I realised that compromise, communication and not being a selfish arsehole meant that I had to try.

Until Dunelm offered to send me the drinks trolley of dreams.

dunelm drinks trolley
Bermondsey Drinks Trolley £179

Ben arrived home from work to see it sat in the living room. It was gold and marble, like the rest of the living room. He helped me arrange the alcohol bottles (and his prized whiskey decanter) on the bottom and passed me the wine glasses and tumblers from the cupboard to place on top. We added these Oliver Bonas coasters for decoration and the flowers/vase from Ikea as a finishing touch. The only thing left to add is a glass of gold paper straws for guests, a small black chopping board loaded with cocktail garnishes and VOILA – a beautiful addition to our home.

Then I saw Ben’s face. A mixture of pleasure at this gorgeous piece sitting in our lovely home, conflicted with the dawning realisation that a drinks globe would no longer be required. He took a deep breath, turned to me and agreed the globe would’ve been ridiculous.

As I have been boasting – Dunelm kindly sent me the drinks trolley of dreams but all fallings out over globes vs trolleys are Ben and my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

What’s the silliest thing you and your partner have almost/full-on fallen out over?

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  • Me and Jon and very similar arguments when we moved in together where I basically told him all his gross dark wood furniture needed to go and be replaced by white white white! We compromised and his beloved drawers are in the spare room but I still plan on edging them out at some point hahaha xx

  • Holly says:

    I think our biggest argument was over how to fill out a form to sell our car. I’d already sold mine so knew what to fill in but J was insisting it was wrong. In the end, it turned out I was right. As usual! Xx

  • Louise says:

    Our biggest home disagreement is over the rope lamp…it is the WORST lamp I have ever seen and he will not budge on it, however many pretty lamps I show him!

    I did manage to hide the framed picture of a guitar that he wanted on our dresser (WHY!?) and he hasn’t noticed since we moved in last May…

  • Gem says:

    This really resonates with me. I too went to Paris with my boyfriend 4 months after meeting him, and we too decided to move in together. We are moving in a week and getting the keys to our new place on Sunday.

    I haven’t lived with a boy for a long time, and no doubt it’s going to be a rude awakening in some ways, and need some compromise. But honestly, I can’t wait.

    Though I think the move might be a bit sweeter with that drinks trolley. How gorgeous!

  • Sarah says:

    I wanted to put a bird box up IN our living room…..he still won’t let me go to a garden centre alone! I had this whole outdoors/indoors thing going on and I am still convinced to this day it would look ridiculously cute with a few fiary lights softly glowing inside of it….but he’s won for now!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  • Laura Campbell says:

    Can totally relate to all of this! Ross and I have such different tastes, we even disagree about where things should be placed ? Also, that drinks trolley is gorgeous!

  • Rosie says:

    I’m so glad you’ve found someone to be so effortless with and in that way milestones or length of time mean nothing! Me and my boy were like it instantly and now we’re six years down! I love the drinks trolley so much!! Pure interior goals! I’m buying one RIGHT NOW!!

  • Shelley Rosenberg says:

    Love it. Next stop – have sex on it with the biff! xox

  • Katie says:

    This is such a lovely compromise on having a drinks globe! My boyfriend is a massive whiskey fan, he has over 5 bottles at the moment, and he’s been after a drinks globe for ages, but I just don’t like them, but this is such a lovely compromise between the two! I may have to pick this up for him! Plus my gin would look great on there aha

  • Danielle says:

    That drinks trolley is bloody beautiful, I have one and I love it more than I ever thought I would!

    Danielle xx

  • Rosie says:

    We once fell out over the height of Robbie Williams. I was a huge fan as a kid so I knew he was 6ft 2 but Mr P wouldn’t have it, believing he was much shorter. What started as banter flared up until someone, finally, Googled it for us. Ridiculous.

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