Get Date Night Ready with GHD

Party season has been and gone BUT now is the ultimate time to capitalise on everyone’s festive good mood and a surge in people signing up for dating apps.

Getting ready for a date consists of all kinds of panics over what to wear, whether to shave and how to do your hair.

Well soz, I can’t help you with the first lot of panics but I DO have some hair styling tips, thanks to GHD.

Now, I am DIRE at doing my hair. It either is straight, wavy OR top knotted. So I took to Pinterest to get some date night ideas and had a go at recreating them ready for my latest date.

Wavy Half Up Do

This look is pretty easy to achieve if you’re terrible at doing hair, like I am. Firstly, back comb your hair at the crown to give it a little lift. Then spray some sea salt or texturising spray through it. Use your GHD Copper Luxe (or any other GHD) straighteners to put some loose waves in my running the straighteners from the root to the tip but flipping the hair one way and then the opposite. Create a messy plait from a section of the hair and then pin that with some loose tendrels from around your face up at the top and then put a few little glittery accessories like these pearl grips in. EASY

Straight Top Knot

If you’re anything like me, you know that when a date is going well and you’re still drinking into the wee hours and your hair WILL get sweaty and it WILL get on your nerves. Also, if you’re like me, and NOT a complete glamour puss, you might decide you’ve gone all out on your outfit and you want something quite relaxed and hassle free for your hair. Also, everyone hates that moment, mid date, when you pop to the loo and you realise all your make up is wearing off and your hair is going flat so you want something that will last all night. To recreate this look, straighten your hair all over with your GHDs and again add some texturising spray into the mix. Scoop the top half of your hair into your hands and fix it into a pony tail and the back (not right at the top unless you like the Shoreditch Samurai look), twist the pony up into a bun and fix it into place with some sparkly hair accessories.

Aaaaaand the look I’m going for on my next date…

I wore this look to a party with a fashion brand and it had SO many compliments. Truth is, I’d finished work and had my hair up, I took it down to curl it with my straighteners but it was a bit greasy. SO I panicked and chucked some dry shampoo through it, back combed it for volume and then combed it allll back to replicate the Kim Kardashian wet slick back look. Then to finish it, I ran my GHDs through it to straighten out the ‘hair up kink’. It’s such a lazy winner, especially for an after work date where you just don’t have the time to take ages on your appearance. I could then add a few rose gold grips to hold the sides back. PERF.

GHD have got an incredible competition going to celebrate the party season. Go over to Instagram between now and midnight on the 7th January and share your glitzy date night looks with the hashtag #glitztheseason and make sure you’re following @ghdhair. A winner will be picked every day!

This post was written in collaboration with GHD but all views and ideas are my own.

Except the first two pictures, Pinterest saves the day again.


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  1. Francesca
    January 8, 2017 / 5:34 pm

    I am SO rubbish at hair. I either wear it down and straight or straight with the greasy bits at the front clipped back. Definitely need to try some of these ideas instead of pinning the image and forgetting all about it 2 minutes later.

    Francesca Andrews

  2. January 18, 2017 / 10:13 pm

    I need to get a new set of GHD’s very soon! Loving the look of that half top knot – such a chilled out look x