I Like Big Buttons And I Cannot Lie

In my pursuit towards developing a personal style and a wardrobe that reflects the completely Instagram untrendy, 30-something woman that I am, I often come across trends that I so wish I could buy in to but worry that I’m just not cool enough.

Big Buttons is one of them. The high-street is awash with small camis and huge buttons that look perfect draped over bronzed, highlighted and chiselled modelesque shoulders. And paper-bag waisted skirts cinching in the waist of our favourite Insta-babes.

But what if, like me, you’re perpetually untrendy, unfashionable and wouldn’t know an apartment pant if it’s legs threw themselves around your neck and tried to strangle you?

How do you navigate picking up pieces from the stores, or online and seamlessly integrate them into a wardrobe that is just that bit too try hard but never quite tried on?

Well, I’m going to attempt to help. This might end up as a monthly thang, it might not, but I’d love to share with you a trend that I’m currently dying to be able to pull off, with just a few pieces I have my eye on to help me dip my toe in, without going full Rihanna at the Met Ball.

No this post isn’t my usual meat and 2 veg of grief, sadness, sex and blogger frustration, but it’s a bit of fun and took me twenty minutes to sling together so \_("/)_/

big buttons


  1. Topshop Dress £39 – I think this would bang with my bob but it’s a dress shape that would flatter anyone and would be a classic for seasons to come. I can also envisage it over tights with ankle boots and a big coat cum winter. Or as we Brits like to call it – July 23rd.
  2. ASOS Skirt £22 – Comes in loads of colours and patterns and is in the Curve, Straight-sized and Petite range. Ideal for Summer days, unshaved thighs and sticking your cheap as chips classic vests and camis in.
  3. ASOS Jumpsuit £35 – This is slightly more trend led and will possibly find its way to the back of your wardrobe by September but I can’t help but think this will look gorge with tan sandals or with a plain white tee and biker boots – depending on how daring you’re feeling that day.
  4. Topshop Shirt £26 – This one comes in a few more colours too and is ULTIMATE ‘jeans a nice top’ territory. I live in my ASOS Farleighs so one of these tops, a nice belt and vans and I’ll feel that bit more put together.
  5. Stradivarius Top £12.99 – There’s nothing different about this one (except it only goes up to a size 12, you ok Stradivarius hun?) but it was the easiest one I could find to illustrate these basic vests that are EVERYWHERE. Perfect with jeans, culottes, a denim skirt or shorts and it’s basically summer sorted.

Are you as obsessed with big buttons as me? Would love to see how you’re styling them so please Insta DM me or Tweet me with your finds.

You can also read a post I wrote on discovering my own style (even though I clearly haven’t, still struggle every day and now hate everything I was wearing in those photos) here.

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