Am I Past My Prime?

primark lingerie

This post may come across as wanking myself off over the words that are included but hopefully by the end you’ll see why I’m asking this question.

primark lingerie
This post is in collaboration with Primark. I can’t help but wonder how LOL it would’ve been to call the post, ‘Am I Past My Prim(ark)?’ Or whether you’d all hate me. Anyway I digress.

What led me to ask that question you’re thinking. After writing my post on ‘exciting emails’ and how the blogosphere currently feels overrun with everyone and their Nan celebrating their press trips to Skegness or their collaborations with Poundland (who still haven’t called me). This feeling of celebrating and noticing everyone else’s achievements can’t help but make me feel worried that there aren’t any for me to shout about.

Whilst my boyfriend reminds me daily of the small steps towards success that this year has already been taken (Gemma Collins retweeted my post so I can basically retire) I still can’t help but compare this year to the last.

And I know what you’re all going to say.

Dickhead, we’re only 38 days in.

But I’m worried.

Yes I have already secured more brand collaborations this year than all of my previous years combined (I told you I’m wanking myself off – that is the vinegar stroke) BUT the things I *thought* I would achieved by now, I haven’t.

At the end of last year I had balls in the air regarding books, TV shows and magazine articles. But those balls seemed to have dropped quicker than Daniel Radcliffe’s between Harry Potter 2 and 3.

primark lingerie

So here I am wondering what my year ahead looks like and worrying about whether I’m going to have to knock on my headteacher’s door come summer and beg for my job back because I’ve faded into Internet obscurity and no one gives a shit any more.

This feeling of expired career prime has also trickled over into a feeling of expired prime within myself.

Taking these photos, in Primark lingerie to show off their incredibly sexy but also super comfy Valentine’s range left me a crying mess in bed this weekend just gone.

primark lingerie
I felt like a pretender. A nobody. A wannabe. Someone who was so ‘over’ but was so desperately trying to stay relevant. I had seen other bloggers shoot lingerie – so why couldn’t I look like a complete pro after 10 minutes of putting my hair in a greasy top knot and attempting to put lipstick on (which proceeded to fly across my room and break because LOL I wasn’t suffering enough).

And then I stopped being an utter twat.

I had a word with myself. My boyfriend (as he always brilliantly does) had a word with me.

I realised that success isn’t always a straight line up but that every step – however small – is one that goes forward.

primark lingerie

I realised that body confidence is similar. Yes there are times where I’m confused as to why Britney Spears hasn’t called me and asked me to be a body double (side note – how much do you love her videos of herself trying on clothes. ASPIRATIONAL) but there are also times where I feel like a literal sack of shit. As if someone has gotten a sack – like the ones we used to use in sports day – and filled it with steaming manure and given it my birth certificate. However, every time that I instead feel a small spark of confidence I take it as another step forward to feeling better within myself.

So here comes the bit where I wank off over Primark lingerie.

primark lingerie

After taking a long hard look at myself. After I reassured myself that I was good enough, relevant enough and successful enough to not give myself a hard time constantly, I looked at myself in the lingerie in a different way.

Yes I have armpit hair that my boyfriend swears he doesn’t mind but might actually get fed up of having to de-mat it after a while BUT, I can look pretty banging in a cami and shorts set.

Yes, I may not have signed my 6 figure publishing deal (yet) but if I wore that robe with some Doc Martens and a shirt underneath to a literary agent meeting they’d know I’d bloody mean business.

And whilst I may not be out there, 38 days in, smashing every single goal I’ve ever set myself ever – the goal of looking at myself in the mirror, in lingerie and not vomiting has been achieved.

If you want to feel like a sassy, confident and successful boss bish – I suggest you get yourself down to Primark pronto before you too feel out of your prime(ark).

I had to do it I’m sorry.

primark lingerie

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  • Katie says:

    Hello! New to your blog but love this post and your body confidence! Very inspirational post

    Katie xx

  • katie says:

    you look fucking fab in the these photos, dont ever let yourself think any different woman! you give yourself that talking to. YOU ARE IN YOUR PRIME AND SASSY AND DAMN FUCKING FIRE.

    katie. xx

  • Alice says:

    Phhwooooaaarrrrrrrr you look amazing! Do you ever worry about your blog and work life mixing or being discovered? I can imagine it could throw up some difficulty, so do you just keep it quiet whilst at work? Alice xxx

  • Abi Nunn says:

    Looking pure fire in the Primarche lingerie! Full on snorted at the Harry Potter “ball drop” thing too, you’re bloody hilarious!?

  • Alice says:

    First of all, you look bloody amazing.
    Second, I wonder if I’m past my prime every single day (I’m 27) but you’re so right about every step going forward! I could do with reminding myself of that.

  • Amy M says:

    You look amazing and defo need to have a word with yourself – we are our own harshest critics but celebrate how far you’ve come and use that to boost yourself forward. Progress should neve rcome from wanting to catch up with others, but in progressing in your own goals that you have set yourself. YOU HAVE SO GOT THIS.L

  • Bry Jaimea says:

    You are looking AMAZING in these pics, by the way.
    And yes, things don’t always go to plan, ideas can fade, and balls don’t always end up in our court, but as long as you have the will and the energy to hustle, you will succeed. So keep on on shouting what you want from the rooftops, because at the end of the day – the universe can’t give you what you want if it can’t hear you xx

  • Danielle says:

    You look so bloody incredible. Your body confidence is so inspiring!

    Danielle xx

  • Holly says:

    No because if you’re past your prime at 31, I’m definitely fucked at 33! I had to have a bit of a word with myself at the beginning of the year as I haven’t smashed the goals I thought I would by now, but that’s okay, because I’ll smash them when I’m meant to! Xx

  • Hannah says:

    You are my favourite blogger by far and I follow a lot of them! You’re so down to earth and fun to read and I think you’re an absolute babe too x

  • Steph says:

    Stunning photos and some great pieces from Primark. A great, honest post about body confidence. Love it.

    Steph x

  • Clara says:

    Love, you’re sharing photos with the world of you posing in your Primark grundies, you’re not past your prime you’re sub-prime!

  • Rosie says:

    This post speaks to my soul. I’m so up and down at the moment in life with what I want to plan ahead for, what’s realistic, what is normal for a 25 year old and my blog has taken a massive hit!!

  • Holly says:

    Just stopped by the day I bloomin’ love you Vix.
    You look gorgeous.

  • Dany Queen says:

    Your posts always leave me laughing and inspired! You look amazing and there’s not a doubt in my mind that you’re going to do some great things this year! xx

    Dany | Danielle Reine

  • Laura says:

    You look Ah-mazing!

    Laura x

  • Megan says:

    You look absolutely insane Vix.
    I completely understand what you mean in terms of your prime though babes, but push through it, keep doing what you’re doing and you will continue to smash it.


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