blogging membership
blogging membership

Whether you're a beginner blogger or at the stage where you want to make your side hustle your full-time gig, The Exciting Emails Membership is here to help you

Vix Meldrew - Blogger, influencer coach & roast potato addict

Join a gang of ambitious, purposeful, inspiring and friendly bloggers all working towards their big goals.

It's Me, Vix

I’m so glad you’re here.

The Exciting Emails Membership is something I’ve been planning, developing and working on for a long, long time. I started with the aim of making it THE best online community for aspiring Bloggers & Influencers.

I’ve been blogging full time for just coming up to a year and when I started out, I had no idea just how lonely trying to grow your online platforms could be.

Not just that but also how SECRETIVE this industry can be. No-one wants to share how to grow their social media followings, how to gain more traffic, the right ways to approach brand collaborations or how they manage to sell digital products and online courses. They want to keep all of their success for themselves.

And that's just not me!

I’ve successfully grown and run a rapidly expanding network of supportive and sharing influencers (you may know it as Exciting Emails) but since I set out, I knew I wanted to do more to inspire, support and bring together bloggers and influencers from all over.

…because we're in this together!. Trust me when I tell you that The Exciting Emails Community is a place that will support and guide you through your journey to becoming a successful influencer.

I'm so looking forward to seeing you in there! Mine's a Diet Coke.


Don't you feel like it's time you reached out, connected to others in the same boat and actually asked for help?

We're here to give it to you!

This journey is a million times more fun with a bunch of babes who've got your back.

Does this sound like you?

  • You wish you had more time to plan kick-arse content
  • You’re feeling lost in this journey and need a hand to hold.
  • You work best with feedback and clear action points.
  • You need someone to keep you focussed.
  • You want clarity in your niche, brand and goals.
  • You feel disconnected with your audience and you want someone to show you how to get that engagement back.
  • You’re ready to make a change because you can see that what you’ve been trying so far isn’t working the way you’d like.
  • You want a bespoke strategy to help you move forward.
  • You want access to resources and courses to learn from in your own time.
  • You want to be surrounded by positive, like-minded individuals who are on their own journeys.
  • You’re ready to spend consistent time together and to put in the work that’s needed to develop on this journey.

Does this definitely NOT sound like you?

  • You've got all of your content planned for months.
  • You've nailed your niche.
  • You're not interested in learning more about the industry as it evolves so you can stay on top of the game.
  • You've built a totally engaged audience who bum everything you do.
  • Your followers, subscribers and traffic is rapidly growing all the time.
  • You're consistent in whatever you do.
  • You don't need a community to keep you motivated.
  • You hate feedback.
  • You don't want accountability partners to keep you going.
  • You're not ready to put in the work.

Soz babes, this really isn't for you.

But you should definitely start teaching others and sharing that wealth instead of keeping it to yourself because you sound like you've totally got your shit together!

Vix xxx

The Exciting Emails Membership is here to work alongside you and share your success with you! Imagine this...

You Gain Clarity

On your goals, on your direction and your niche.

You make friends

With other inspirational influencers working towards their goals.

you grow a dedicated and loyal following

By taking the courses and using the resources designed to help you strategise.

you monetize

Through provided affiliate strategies and proven pitch templates.

You become inspirational by getting monthly inspiration

In the ever-developing, dedicated and exclusive Members Area

How Can The Exciting Emails Membership Help You?

become a full time blogger

Monthly Lessons

Each month a new post, workbook, video, podcast or resource will pop up in the Members Area to teach you what you need to know about growing your blog and your online platforms.

We've only been going since January and there are already in-depth lessons inside the area on finding your ideal reader and asserting yourself as an expert.

Group Coaching

Join live seminars with the rest of the Membership to discuss what's holding us back and get actionable steps to move forward.

These will take the form of Q&As and expert visitor drop ins and will be made available to watch at any time.

But obvs, grab a plate of chips and a Diet Coke and join in during the lives - it'll be fun!


Resource Library

You'll gain access to every resource I've got available and every new one coming up.

That already includes:

  • Instagram Hashtag Database
  • Pitch Email Template
  • Guide on Charing For Sponsored Posts (plus WAAAAY more)

And will include:

  • Monthly blog and social media prompts & challenges
  • Lightroom presets for mobile


To be completed in your own time.

These are in-depth, easy-to-follow and include a range of text, video and audio material on an aspect of inspirational influencing that I know you guys need help with!

The first course, 'How To Grow An Email List & Glow For Your Subscribers' (£97 for non-members) is already live so you can dive straight in!


Your Investment

Join us for just £29 monthly!

Cancel at any time with no cancellation fees.

Full, instant access to The Exciting Emails Membership.

New Lessons delivered monthly.

Unlocked Resource Library updated frequently.

Group coaching sessions every month.

Invitation to join our Exclusive Exciting Emails community.

Plus all of the listed benefits on this page above.

OR pay for 12 months up front for £250 and receive a FREE coaching call with me to help you on your way!

(Usual cost of a coaching call is £179!)



I also offer MONTHLY bespoke coaching.

I am currently FULLY BOOKED but please feel free to visit this page here to join the waiting list.

And if you're not sure if monthly coaching is the way to go, please read the testimonials from some of the gals I've worked with previously here.

I hope to open up more spaces soon!

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