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Love Island 4.10: It’s An Island Full Of Snakes – And Jack And Dani

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Love Island Series 4, Episode 10. You can read the previous day, here.

After last night’s, ‘Doctor Do More’ plan, Eyal isn’t happy that Alex went behind his back to chat to Megan.

He asks him for a word and I can’t remember the last time I was as dramatic as these housemates. One would accidentally use another’s spoon and have to pull them to one side for a twenty minute discussion about it.

Eyal thinks Alex was disrespectful for going behind his back to talk to Megan but Alex doesn’t understand why he needs Eyal’s permission. And neither do any of us. Does he own her now? Is Megan a tie-dye bong?

Adam takes Rosie for a chat and he tells Rosie that they distracted Eyal but not to tell Megan. Well given that not a single islander can keep their fucking mouths shut – that was always going to be a bad idea.

Charlie thinks he’s putting in lots of effort with Hayley isn’t getting anything back. Jack tells him that she was just like that with Eyal. Suspicions arise that she is in fact, an actual fembot.

Hayley tells the girls that she doesn’t know where her head’s at. Is she being fussy? She can’t imagine having sex with Charlie. Neither can any of us tbf.

Dani wants the goss off of Jack and does a Hayley impression. Did she get her Dad’s acting ability? The accent trails off after 2 sentences, so yes, probably.

It’s bed-time and Wes tells Laura he’s falling for her.

Laura does what any calm and collected woman would do and FREAKS THE FUCK OUT with the girls in the dressing room the next morning.

She speaks to him outside. He’s not saying he loves her but he’s saying that he can see he’s starting to. Laura’s mentally working out the flight plan from the nearest airport.

Wes tells the diary room that he doesn’t have eyes for anyone else and that it could make him vulnerable. THIS IS ALL SO OMINOUS. Laura’s going to fuck him over – WE CAN ALL TELL.

Rosie tells Megan about Adam and Charlie’s plan. Because obvs.

Megan and Eyal are cuddled up on the day bed so of course this was the perfect opportunity for her to tell him the plan the boys had.

Eyal is a bit fucked off but promises he won’t say anything.

Immediately he goes and talks to Adam and Charlie. THERE ARE NO SECRETS.

Jack asks Megan if she’s split between them. She’s being very evasive. And as a cynical AF audience who has grown up on Nasty Nick in the Big Brother house, we know it’s because she’s playing a massive game of, ‘who can get the most screen time.’

After the break they play a confusing game of sticking an emoji on the people they think are the most and least compatible and then they arrange the order of who they’re compatible with.

Samira puts Alex last which is just fucking harsh.

Everyone puts Adam first – for most compatible.

Which sounds funny until you realise that those women are more compatible with the complete snake who only cares about his abs and his body count than a qualified professional with a brain AND a six-pack.

After the break and Rosie is doing that thing where she tries to appear as sexy as possible to Adam in a bid to desperately cling on to him so that his eyes don’t go wandering elsewhere.

She thinks they are too alike and that they would be fiery but that make up sex is her favourite.

The nation shudders at the thought.


The couples must vote for the 2 couples they think are least compatible by discussing it and submitting their vote via text.

Samira and Alex have a lover’s tiff because Samira is worried about their place on the island but Alex doesn’t. She’s actually quite rude to him but he sticks up for himself and calmly tells her not to be disrespectful

Charlie and Hayley are chatting and because neither of them can understand or care what the other has to say – Hayley tells him to shut up. Our love for that girl just continues to grow doesn’t it?

Megan thinks Georgia is too over the top and a fake bitch. Megan needs reminding that she’s telling two different guys that she likes them and wants to get to know them whilst also telling them that the other one is coming on strong.

Megan and Eyal vote for Sam and Alex. Which is either because Eyal is feeling threatened and Megan didn’t have much of a say or she’s as fake as Georgia apparently is. Hmmm, which could it be?

Hayley can’t text and listen at the same time as she hushes Charlie rudely again as they submit their vote. This is a surprise to no-one – we still can’t see how she can breathe and blink at the same time.

The votes are in and it’s between Hayley/Charlie and Alex/Samira to be voted off of the island.

It all comes down to a public vote and whilst we’d all love to think that we would neatly wrap this one up in the same fashion we thought BREXIT would go down – we know how that can often work out!

So who will you be voting for?

It’s obvious who Ben’s going for: ‘Will anyone miss Charlie and Hayley? I struggle to remember their names as I’m sure they do too.’

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  • Dory
    June 15, 2018

    I am living for your Love Island updates!!! More importantly, who did you vote to save?! I had to vote for Alex and Samira – I like Charlie but Hayley is doing my head in!

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