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Love Island 4.14: Laura’s Lost Her Mind, Alex’s Lost His Losing Streak and Zara’s Lost All Of Her Sense

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Love Island Series 4, Episode 14 recap. Read yesterday’s run-down here.

We’re back and Zara and Ellie have just one more date left each – Adam and Alex.

The boys are excitedly prepping away in the kitchen and are making the girls a banana split. Appropriate seeing as Adam’s banana is split between two girls and it’s also exactly what Rosie is going to do to him after the date.

He presents Zara with her dish and said he made a Spanish version as she speaks the language. Except she doesn’t know what ‘split’ means. I’m glad the producers replaced Hayley with someone smarter – *intense sarcastic eye roll*.

He asks her if he was third choice or if she was saving the best til last. I hope for his sake it’s the latter as he’s the nation’s 568543745th choice.

Alex is chatting to Ellie about types and says that people assume he wants an intelligent girl but he doesn’t – lucky for Ellie. But is that because there aren’t any in the villa and he needs to nail his colours to the mast pronto or is he underselling himself?

Rosie is with the girls whilst Adam is on the date and she’s telling them that she’s worried that she took it further with him for him to go and bin her off as soon as someone new came in.

Back to the date and Adam is reassuring Zara that he tells Rosie all the time that he’s open to getting to know new people – DOES HE? I reckon that’s news to Rosie as I don’t imagine he would’ve reinforced that mid-toss-off.

Ellie wants to reassure Alex that he’s in her top 3. Isn’t that nice? He’s made the mid table. Alex is Burnley On that compliment, he goes in for the kiss. She immediately recoils and tells him just one – it’s as chaste as Alex’s entire personality.

After the break and the doctor is beaming over the kiss and Jack appears even more excited than he is at the news.

Adam is telling Jack that he likes Zara and that they’re similar. Both can’t speak Spanish, maybe? He says he won’t be kissing Rosie tonight.

As an aside, can we just stop to understand how callous that is? Merely days ago they were taking things further and he was all over her. To Day 1 of the new girls coming in and a 5 minute chat that consisted mostly of, ‘I’m mad me – yeah me too.’ and bam – he’ll cut Rosie off? TRAAAASSSSSH.

Dani is pissed off that Adam isn’t coming over to speak to Rosie after his date and goes to call him over.

Rosie asks him for a chat. Adam is immediately cold, rude and distant with her and blames her for him acting strangely because she’s been unhappy about him cracking on with another girl.

You know how they say to heed red flags in relationships? Well Adam may as well paint his testicles red and shimmy them up a flagpole and smack Rosie round the head with it right now because this is CLASSIC gaslighting.

She tells him that he’s supposed to be looking for real love on the island and that he won’t find it if he keeps bouncing from girl to girl. Rosie reckons she is done with Adam.

Over to our other rocky couple and Laura reckons if she gives Wes space then he should make more effort to reassure her. They both say that neither of them are going to chase either of them.

They are going round in circles when all Laura really needs to say is, ‘I’m testing you by pushing you away to see if you’ll actually go for Ellie but you should realise this is a test and make more effort with me to show me you’re not interested in Ellie.’

Fuck ME these emotional games are tiring and I’m not even in the villa.

Zara is blaming Rosie for Adam’s behaviour. Because Zara is a ‘cool girl’ who ‘totally gets’ Adam and believes that if Rosie was just a bit more, ‘cool girl’ (like she was when he was with Kendall) that Adam wouldn’t be pushing her away.

Poor, naive Zara.

Georgia goes to sleep with Rosie outside because she’s sad whereas Adam is laughing his head off in the bedroom.

Laura is crying in bed with Wes about having to fight to get attention off him.

After the break and Adam tells Zara that Rosie’s behaviour has turned him off her. A brilliant tactic to warn Zara not to act like Rosie, to continue to be the ‘cool girl’ so that he doesn’t go off her too.

Alex is making Ellie breakfast as a surprise. It makes her want to cry. It makes me want to smash something.

They cheers the second date and peck on the lips again. Am I the only one not getting the vibes that she likes him but also pretty sick of the vibes that Alex believes he’s entitled to women/affection because he’s the only ‘single’ lad? SORRY.

Rosie comes out in a KILLER bikini, big hair and full make up because NOTHING says ‘I desperately want you back’/’Who me? I don’t care AT ALL’ like 10 layers of Nars and hanging underboob. But instead of Adam being lustful or regretful – he asks for his hat back.


By the pool and Adam is laying it on Zara and hinting heavily that he fancies her. The heaviest hint being touching her boob to get rid of some dirt/crumbs/pieces of Rosie’s shattered soul.

Jack reckons that Adam is a kid in a sweet shop and just living his best life but Alex reminds him that people’s feelings are involved.

Rosie cries to Dani about Adam’s arrogance and his treatment of her. We fall more in love with Dani as she reassures Rosie that Adam is a scumbag and not worth her energy.

Ellie asks Wes for a game of ‘Would You Rather.’ And the only one I can think of is, ‘would you rather play this game or not have Laura step on your penis with 6-inch stilletoes?’

Laura tells the girls that Ellie clearly likes Wes and the girls agree that she’s not interested in Alex.

Ellie feels like Laura’s eyes are always on them. But then it’s condoms on them as Laura attempts to distract Wes by throwing rubbers and squirting cream.

Wes can tell it’s to interrupt the convo with him and Ellie – will this start to turn him off?

Adam asks Ellie who she wants to pick out of the boys. She said if it was about looks, she’d pick Wes but that Alex is the full package (helps that he’s the nation’s fave and a direct ticket to VoteToStayInsville, doesn’t it Ellie?)

Rosie needs closure with Adam so she walks over and sassily nods at him to come and have a chat.

She calls him out for having no shame. She tells him that he’s really hurt her and in reply he berates her for nodding at him.

She tells him he’s just here to rack up numbers, that he’s hurt her and he doesn’t care. The entire time she bares her feelings about him hurting and upsetting her, he’s sat there with a face blanker than Hayley’s brain and smugger than Eyal kissing Megan in front of Alex.

Will Rosie move on? Will Adam ever get his comeuppance? Will we ever see Eyal on screen again?

Let’s tune in tonight to find out!

Hero: As ever, Dani came across as measured, kind and strong. Her defence of Rosie and ability to see straight through Adam endeared her further to all of us.

Villain: Doesn’t even need to be reiterated at this point does it? The only way one of the lads would take over Adam as the worst person in the house is if Jack did the dirty on Dani AND THAT JUST AIN’T HAPPENING.

Ben’s Thought of The Episode: ‘If Ellie chooses Wes, Alex will need to be surgically removed from the Island.’

Or saved from drowning in a pool of tears.

Who were your heroes/villains? What do you make of Adam/Rosie/Zara? What’s next for our couples?

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