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Love Island 4.15: Rosie Warns Zara, The Girls Pillow Fight And Adam Is Still A Dick

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Love Island Series 4, Episode 15. Read the previous day’s recap, here.

We’re right back into the aftermath of Rosie swaying her hips over to Adam in an attempt to sway his interest back to her. After staring at his smug face for more than 42 seconds, she decides she’s over him and walks off.

The boys walk over to him to find out what happened and Adam’s description is, ‘yawn.’ Wow some people really can’t take being told about themselves. He tells the boys that her behaviour has totally put him off. As if he wasn’t already jumping ship as soon as she wanked him off.

Rosie tells the girls that she genuinely believed she had a future with Adam. Whilst the rest of us can’t believe she’d be so naive, we remind ourselves that he is a master manipulator and could probably get her to believe that Eyal’s real name is Derek.

Laura uses this opportunity to ask Ellie whether she fancies Wes because she shouldn’t do a Zara and be sneaky, she should tell Laura straight. Ellie assures her, her focus is on winning – ahem, I mean, Alex.

Zara is crying because she feels like everyone is being cold and turning against her. It might have something to do with her swallowing all of Adam’s bullshit and trying so desperately to be the ‘cool girl’ but I’m not an expert.

Rosie does that semi aggressive, semi trying to be sexy saunter over to Zara. In the way that animals in the wild preen, parade and piss everywhere to mark territory, Rosie uses this walk as a warning ritual.

She tells Zara everything Adam has promised her. Zara looks like she could give less fucks and is only thinking of Adam’s black hat and six-pack instead of heeding Rosie’s warning. But they hug and walk off holding hands which makes Adam look like he’s shitting himself over what they’re plotting.

Josh wonders why Rosie isn’t seeing it the same way as Kendall. The nation truly sees the difference in how males respond to this scenario in comparison to females. And we shake our fists at the screen, screaming ADAM WILL MAKE ANY GIRL FEEL LIKE THEY’RE SPECIAL.

We then cut to Adam talking to Zara and GUESS WHAT he’s telling her she’s special and not like Rosie.

Wes tells Laura that she needs to chill out because they’re not in a relationship. It takes all of my strength to not lob my takeaway at the screen. At this point, Laura should’ve said, ‘funny how you were telling me you were falling for me 48 hours ago. If that’s your attitude then fuck off’ BUT it’s a game show and Laura doesn’t want to be eliminated.

Wes slags off Laura to the group saying that she’s paranoid that he’s been flirting with Ellie. Whilst Alex just sits there.

Dani thinks she can be the one to tell Adam he’s being a div because Jack just backs him up to his face, even though he tells Dani he knows Adam’s in the wrong and this is SUCH A TYPICAL BLOKE THING.

‘Ah lads, I can’t come out tonight, er’indoors made me promise I’d stay in and have dinner with her. Bloody ball and chain *shakes fist*’

‘Babe, I really can’t be fucked with going out tonight. I’m not in the mood for 14 pints and forced fun, I just want to stay in with you.’

Laura is chatting to Samira about how she’s fed up with Wes because he’s laying off her now Ellie’s in the villa. Samira thinks Wes is closing off and that cracks are showing. She tells her that she is a woman whereas Wes is just a boy. And we all know that on the outside, Laura wouldn’t entertain this immature fuckery for more than 5 minutes.

Laura goes to sleep outside and Wes goes to check on her and kisses her head good night.

Adam’s sleeping on the sofa to get away from Rosie (like he did to get away from Kendall) but does Zara get a text?

It’s the next morning and Adam reiterates to Zara and Ellie that he’s done with Rosie.

Laura doesn’t see a way forward for her and Wes as they aren’t communicating properly. Probably because she learned to send messages on a Nokia 3210 whereas he learnt it on an iPhone 4 – she can get her point across in 10 messages or less whereas he’s too distracted by all of THE OTHER APPS.

Megan and Rosie decide to try and get some attention by dressing up to show Adam what he’s missing. They walk outside in pants and a cover up, that doesn’t do much covering up and the force of the nation’s simultaneous cringe is enough to cause a small earthquake in Hull.

We’re all for female empowerment and celebrating their gorgeous bodies BUT they’re doing it to piss Adam off or make him jealous and that is just ridic ick.

Adam reckons he’s seen it all now. I mean, he’s not wrong – I don’t think Rosie was this naked when she gave him the 5 knuckle shuffle.


Today’s challenge is called ‘Girls Night In’

The girl with most points, from a series of challenges, win.

We’re treated/subjected to a pillow fight which sees the girls hunting for pink feathers. Then the boys must act out a scene from a film and the girls must guess which film it is.

Jack and Alex kiss and it’s the couple that the nation want (after Jack and Dani ofc)

In the final round, the boys are blindfolded and must do the girl that they’re coupled with’s make up. Adam is virtually beating Rosie’s face with no consideration at all. She thinks Adam is trying to make her ugly

Zara chooses Adam to do her makeup. Ellie chooses Alex. Rosie starts crying. Probably because Adam makes an actual effort with Zara’s make up and proves to everyone what a piece of shit he actually is.

FFS the man is 26 years old and can’t be respectful enough to dab a bit of make up on Rosie’s face in the same way – no he has to deliberately sabotage her in some kind of revenge or proving a point kinda way. Wow, she really hurt him.

Back at the villa and Ellie tells us that Alex is the only one she’s interested in. Which will be a relief for Laura, but we’re still not buying it.

Now Wes has realised nothing is happening with Ellie, he pulls Laura aside to say they’ve been tested and it reinforces that they should be together. Laura said she was scared of losing Wes. It seems that they’ve found a way to make it work…for now.

Rosie and Samira are chatting about how they’re single and need to find love. Well yeah, otherwise you’re getting booted off.

Josh tells Georgia that the villa runs at 100mph but Georgia goes at 150mph and that she ticks all of his boxes. We still don’t know what those boxes are, but OK.

The guys are giving Alex a pep talk. Jack does an Ellie impression to role play how to pull her but Dani believes that the advice they give Alex tends to go in one ear and out the other.

He asks Ellie to join him on the swing. He says that he’s going to lay his cards on the chest – he means on the table but I think he’s mesmerised by her boobs. He goes in for the snog as the others look in, laugh and cheer.

And at the end of the episode we are treated to a VT of new Islander – Sam who joins the villa tonight. So, Rosie? Samira? Who will spark his interest?

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode? Ben’s was: ‘How do you say Thundercunt in Geordie?’ which is appropriate.

Hero: My hero of tonight’s show (without it constantly being Dani) was probably Samira. We haven’t had the chance to get to know her too much yet but I respected how she told Laura straight about Wes.

Villain: I mean, I don’t see this one changing all series – do you?

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