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Love Island 4.16: Everyone’s Doing Bits, New Boy Sam Ruffles Adam’s Feathers And Megyal Are Still Boring AF

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Love Island Series 4, Episode 16. You can read yesterday’s recap here.

We join the contestants in the bedroom and we can clearly see that Wes and Laura are up to something under the covers. BUT WHAT?

Jack makes the bed and leaves a rose for Dani. I mean, making the bed once in a while should be a bare minimum in any relationship but let’s celebrate it like Jack just wrote her a 1460 page novel on love, sure.

Zara asks Ellie if she likes Alex, she replies ‘he’s sweet’. Ok but do you like him though?

Zara reckons she can tame Adam as he’s had an easy ride from the girls in here so far. The fact that she explicitly counts the amount of girls he’s gone through in less than 3 weeks and STILL believes she’s different is astounding.

Alex thinks he genuinely cares for Ellie. We don’t.

Laura says to Wes that they should fall out more often if they’re going to ‘do bits’ and she’s grinning as if she, ‘slept with a hanger in her mouth’ (pop-culture reference fans?).

I personally don’t think I’d be noshing off the guy that had only made up with me after he’d ignored me for 2 days because of another girl but each to their own.

Dani says she hasn’t snogged Jack in bed yet as she’s still getting to know him. We all PRAY that Jack doesn’t do the dirty on her if they take things further. He’ll be getting pens through both eyeballs.

Eyal reckons him and Megan are getting closer to doing bits and my dinner hasn’t down quite enough for that statement.


Megan and Eyal are heading out on a date for some wine tasting.

The rest of the guys at the villa are all ripping it out of Eyal and how deep he is.

Back on the date and Eyal tells Megan he was a monkey in his previous life. The nation uses this opportunity to send a text/have a wee/make a cuppa as the conversation is drier than Dani’s vagina.

His longest relationship was 8 months. I’m surprised someone could put up with his banal chat for that long.

Megan tells him she wondered if it’s just a physical attraction but they agree that it could be something more. Fab, great, made a couple, you can leave, buh-bye.

Back at the villa and Ellie tells Alex that the kiss was too staged. She tells him what we’re all thinking – he needs to relax and not be so cringey. He then asks her if he can still kiss and hug her and WOW, like Jack and Dani said, he really doesn’t listen.

Over on the benches and Adam is telling Zara that he didn’t click with Rosie straight away. Funny because as soon as she walked in, we all remember his eyes lighting up and him attaching himself to her like the limpet he is. Surely, if Zara had seen the previous 2 weeks, she would have seen how he pursued Rosie?

She asks him (whilst wearing the black hat that he’s passing from girl to girl like a vigorous bout of the clap) how he knows he likes her and he said he knew straight away. He said he was never like this with a Rosie. Except he was. We all saw it.


Samira tells the contestants that a new boy is joining.

Ellie tells Zara that she thinks Adam likes her more than he’s liked everyone before. And we’re quickly reminded that Ellie is absolutely biased and on Adam’s side because they are already friends.

Rosie and Samira are discussing being the single girls with a new boy coming in. They wonder how Zara and Ellie will act towards the new boy. Rosie thinks Zara has no morals and is more boy orientated than being a girls’ girl.

We’re back with Zara and Adam as she goes in for a snog and I SHIT YOU NOT, it’s the worst kiss I’ve ever seen. How that doesn’t automatically give Zara the Ick I don’t know, but it’s almost as if Adam has never kissed another person before or if he has, it’s only ever been at 2am, absolutely mortal, with kebab hanging out of their mouths and garlic sauce passing between their lips.

After the kiss and Adam is talking to the guys about how he feels about Zara. He said he went for the best of the bad bunch with Rosie and Kendall. Alex pulls him up on that terminology, but not sternly enough. He should’ve told him how downright rude that is but ANYWHOOO, Adam goes on to say that he’s got a genuine buzz for Zara. As if he knows what genuine is.

New boy Sam enters the party and they all gather round the fire pit to get to know him. They ask him what he’s here for. Sam reckons he’s here to find love and to teach Adam how to treat a lady right. Oh SNAP.

He goes on to say that he likes Ellie, Georgia, Samira and Zara. Not Rosie, eh?

The boys take Sam for a chat and he very calmly and articulately tells Adam that if someone treated his sisters, like Adam treated Rosie, he’d be fuming. Adam disagrees – not sure you can disagree on how someone would react to their sister’s treatment but OK hun, we can see you’re nervous.

Rosie decides to be brave and pulls Sam for a chat (even though he DID NOT say he liked her) and asks why she wasn’t in his top 4. He makes up some bullshit about keeping her secret and she of course falls for it because this girl is honestly prick-blind.

Samira walks over to chat to Sam too – she is NOT letting Rosie claim him too quickly. However Sam appears more interested in chatting to Rosie now and Samira is not the type to seek too much attention. Which for a West End star, must be really tricky.

Ellie and Zara talk to Sam too. They tell him that Georgia is settled with Josh but he reckons he doesn’t care about stepping on toes.

The gang tell Alex to chill out and not be fuming over Ellie talking to Sam. He stares at her laughing at his jokes and touching his leg and is visibly annoyed. Alex mate, seriously, stop.

The hideaway is available for the evening and the gang nominate Eyal and Megan for it. Nice gesture or wanting an evening away from discussions on star alignment and wool?

Our preview for tonight tells us there’ll be a recoupling and the boys get to choose! Head on over to my Instagram to nab a copy of my template where you can predict who will be choosing who!

Ben came in half way through last night’s show to see new boy Sam and his thought went something like this: ‘The Bird telling Adam how to treat women was excellent, I wonder if he’ll fly off the handle.’

Hero: It has to be Sam! I just hope he elevates this hero status by properly putting Adam in his place OR by going for Zara.

Villain: Sorry guys but this episode it’s Alex and here’s why: He and Ellie have NOTHING in common, he just needs female attention.

To secure his place in the villa and to plaster over his rejected-man wounds, he’s forcing the issue of them being a couple by staging opportunities for them to get to know each other either by chatting or tonguing.

And when she naturally goes to talk to another person (that is not staged) he gets jealous. He is far too entitled to her attention and affection and he needs to ease off or she needs to admit what we all know – she ain’t interested – and sack him off.

My Recoupling Thoughts…

What I want to happen is for some partnerships to be blown wide open and for Sam to choose Zara, Ellie or Georgia – however I think he’ll end up choosing Samira or Rosie. It all depends on who gets the first pick and if the producers know what’s good for them, they’ll let Sam go first.

If he picks Zara, that’ll be the juiciest because Adam WILL NOT pick Rosie. He’ll probably pick Samira which will see Rosie go.

If Sam picks Ellie, Alex will pick Samira and Rosie will go.

If Sam picks Georgia, Josh will probably pick Samira to save her but he will be FUMING with Sam.

However if Sam picks Rosie – which will be the most boring option – Samira will go and there’ll be no more dramas.

So who do you think Sam will pick?

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