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Love Island 4.20: Break Ups Galore, Alex Is Still A Bore AND Exclusive Rumour You May Not Have Seen Before…

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Love Island Series 4, Episode 20. You can read the previous day’s catch up, here.

We’re straight back into the aftermath of EllexGate and she is frustrated that Alex is telling everyone that she’s playing a game.

The girls tell her he’s upset because he liked her. I believe he’s upset because she didn’t like him back even though he’s a doctor, made her tea and told her to.

Megan’s obviously been inspired by Ellie’s refusal to settle and she tells the girls that she thinks Eyal is kind and gorgeous but there’s nothing there. She reckons gets better on with Wes, Josh and Jack. Who are, funnily enough, all happily coupled up.

Megan asks Eyal to come for a chat, and before he can get excited that it’s about 4 new ways to make overnight oats, she tells him she thinks their, ‘thing’ is just a physical attraction and that there’s nothing else there.

She says that she needs to have fun with someone with a sense of humour and then they both compare each other to Jim Carrey which is the oddest comedy comparison you can make. So what, either of them don’t make overly gurning faces or wear a Mask?

Eyal accuses her of using him for sex and that he’s not up for fooling around with her in bed if she’s going to go off and pursue other guys. She calls him rude.

I mean, she actually did say to him that she’d like to do bits but also get to know other people which takes a lot of confidence HOWEVER if that was a guy saying it to a girl, we’d all be fuming.

Eyal tells the group that Megan just wanted sex. He’s angry that he’s put effort in but she’s just disregarded his feelings.

Alex asks Ellie and Adam if he can join the convo between them. He apologises for making her feel uncomfortable.

Samira asks Sam if she looks fit because he hasn’t complimented her. He immediately compliments her. Is this their version of stepping up the flirtiness? Because if it is, it ain’t working for me.

Megan tells Samira that she fancies Wes. Samira, like any good friend and decent woman would do, tells her that he and Laura are happy and that if she wants to make any moves, she should discuss it with Laura first.

LOL no, of course she didn’t actually do that. She eggs it on.

Wes comes over to chat and Megan giggles uncontrollably. HOW IS THIS A TACTIC THAT WORKS? Why are men mesmerised by a woman guffawing uncontrollably at every breath they take?

/tangent: It reminded me of the time I worked on Tim Burton’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and got to work alongside the now humungously cancelled Johnny Depp. Johnny would notice me eye-rolling at his make up artists for almost fainting with fake, flirty giggles every time he spoke so we had an inside joke that every time his make-up artists appeared, he had to try and say the most random phrase/sentence that made no sense at all, just to see if they’d still collapse into laughter. Of course they did.

ANYWAY, Wes says he could still find someone he prefers than Laura. He has now said this virtually every episode whilst still telling Laura that he sees a future with her and wants to be with her but OK HUN.

Ellie asks Eyal if he’s ok and he tells her he feels mugged off. I wonder if he now knows what Alex felt like?

Megan goes to sleep on the sofa but Eyal comes out and graciously offers her the bed. He joins Alex as they fall asleep dreaming of women entering the villa who actually like them.

After the break and it’s the next morning. Eyal and Alex are sofa-bonding about being the ‘nice’ guys who always get screwed over and TRUST ME – any guy who describes themselves as the (victim) ‘nice guy’ almost always means, ‘the guy who always gets friendzoned even though he sets his eye on a target and guilt trips and manipulates her into thinking he’d be the best option against all of the other bad guys and so by rights should fall for him,’ AKA the guy on Tinder who calls you an ugly slag when you don’t return any of their awkward messages.


Today’s challenge is called, ‘Snog, Marry, Pie’ and the islanders must choose some they’d want to snog, someone they’d want to marry and someone they’d want to smash a cream pie in the face of.

Dani snogs Jack, marries Alex and pies Adam because he deserves it and she further cements her Queen status.

Samira snogs Sam, marries Alex and pies Wes.

Megan snogs Wes, marries Jack and pies Eyal. Absolutely savage – is that called for? Seeing as she was banging on so much about how he’s a lovely and kind guy.

Georgia snogs Sam, marries Josh and pies Wes. Samira is not happy about their lingering pash.

Zara snogs Eyal and pies Jack which surprises Adam.

Ellie snogs Josh and pies Alex. He responds with an acerbic, ‘shock’ and tbqh – I am. Again, unnecessary.

Laura marries Wes and pies Adam.

Jack snogs Dani, marries Laura and pies Zara for payback.

Wes snogs Megan, marries Laura but she’s not happy about the mutual spit swapping between those two.

Eyal snogs Ellie, marries Dani and pies Megan. Megan is FUMING and I actually can’t understand how or why.

Josh snogs Zara, marries Georgia and pies Laura.

Alex snogs Megan and gently pies Ellie. Does she feel guilty now?

Sam snogs Samira, proposes to Georgia and pies Ellie. She’s FUMING and swears at him. Erm, are you ok babe?

Adam snogs Samira, marries Zara and pies Laura.

After the game, Megan tells Samira and Wes that she likes kissing him but she tried to be respectful.

Up on the balcony, Laura tells Georgia that she’s surprised at what Megan is doing. She says Wes can go wherever he wants but if Megan is going to lay it on him then they’re going to fall out and Wes can fuck off.

Adam is jokingly/really annoyed at Zara for fancying Eyal and snogging him. She’s adamant she doesn’t but he’s playing a very clever game here of pushing her buttons.

Some of the guys are chatting on the bean bags and Eyal thinks there’s potential for Meg and Wes. Josh thinks that if they can see it then Laura can too.

Megan tells Samira that she definitely fancies Wes. Samira encourages her to approach Wes and again I’m wondering if I missed the episode that detailed how Samira and Laura aren’t friends which would perhaps (definitely not) justify Samira’s scheming here?

Megan asks Wes for a chat up on the balcony. She tells him she fancies him and would regret not telling him.

Wes says he’s happy with Laura but wonders if there’s something else somewhere else. She asks him what his plan is and asks for a kiss.

He says no, maybe tomorrow. Which is translated to, ‘once I’ve told Laura that I’m hoping to keep seeing and sleeping with her but also that I want to pursue you and see if she’s Ok with that.’

Megan goes full on twat-attack here and manipulates Wes by guilt-tripping him into telling her that he fancies her by making out that she feels really sad and rejected that he hasn’t jumped at her clap.

Adam is trying to convince Wes that he could be happier with Meg. He admits his head has been turned by Megan and the fact he’s even LISTENING to love advice from Adam says it all really.

Wes pulls Laura for a chat.

He tells her that he’s been reflecting on them as a couple and he feels like something is missing. A big ole Megan shaped hole it appears.

She can’t understand how he was falling for her one minute and now he wants to cool it.

He said he wants to get to know Megan more. Laura tells him where to go.

Laura asks for clarification over the situation and Wes contradicts himself by saying that he’s really happy with Laura, sees a future with her, really fancies her and wants to be with her but also that he’s not 100% happy and wonders if there’s a better option out there.

She tells him he’s hurt her, that he can fuck off and not to speak to her again. She walks off crying and name-calling and we cut to the fire-pit where Megan is sat next to Samira and is smiling.

We have to vote to save our favourite couple as the couple with the least votes are up for leaving the Island.


My big, exclusive rumour is definitely that we’ll see the existing Islanders choose between the two lowest-votes couples for who to dump and definitely NOT that Jack has been texting a girl off the island that he loves her. Apparently she’s gone to the producers with receipts and could be on her way in… however this only got DMed to me yesterday so believe with caution – but we SHALL SEE.

Hero: My hero this episode was Laura. Apart from calling Megan a slag, which I despise, I thought she handled the treatment she received pretty well. I just hope she doesn’t fall for it if Wes tries to pursue her again. She can do much better.

Villain: Whilst in these scenarios I normally, exclusively blame the men for thinking with their dicks and not their hearts or brains – Megan has been evil in this scenario.

Fair enough, Wes has decided that now someone else has shown an interest he can extricate himself from a situation with Laura where he wasn’t all that happy BUT Megan should’ve just said to him, ‘look I fancy you and if you’re interested, it would be good to proceed,’ and left it there for Wes to do the right thing.


She had to actively pursue him, take him away for secret discussions and try to get him to do something that would knowingly hurt Laura behind her back.

Megan seems like one of those women who get off on bagging guys away from other women to assert some sort of power/ego-boost rather than actually having real feelings for people. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out!

Ben’s Thought From Last Night: ‘Wes’s head turned so quickly I’m surprised he didn’t get whiplash.’ More like dicklash.

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