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Love Island 4.21: A Couple Are More Suited And Another Few Get Booted

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Love Island Series 4, Episode 21 (you can read the previous episode catch-up here)

Fuck ME it’s getting harder to think of witty titles…

It’s the aftermath of Wes telling Laura he was jumping ship from their, ‘happy’ relationship to try a lil summin summin with Megan and Georgia follows Laura into the villa to find out if she’s OK.

She can’t believe that Wes was boning her the night before and now wants to make out that something is missing. She tells Georgia that her and Megan will never be friends and that Wes can do one.

Eyal asks Megan if she liked Wes the whole time. Megan LITERALLY can’t speak and mumbles something along the lines of, ‘no it’s only been two days’ – which REALLY begs a question or two.

Georgia tells Jack, Ellie and Dani that Wes and Megan are completely in the wrong for how they’ve gone about this.

Wes comes over to clarify that he hasn’t ended with Laura because of Megan.

Except, well, he has, hasn’t he? He just needed the excuse.

Samira and Dani come to the balcony to chat to Laura, who is visibly upset. The same Samira who sat smirking with Megan and told her to speak to Wes BEFORE speaking to Laura to gauge the situation.

Laura cries, with Samira’s arms round her, about how she didn’t see it coming and that Wes has really hurt her. Samira also says SHE didn’t see it coming – OK HUN.

Wes explains to Alex that Laura has always told him to be honest. That if someone else came into the villa that turned his head, that he should tell her and that’s all he’s done.

He reckons he admires how Adam’s gone about things and hasn’t settled where he wasn’t completely happy. Except we all know that Adam is Satan incarnate so well fucking done there, Wes.

Laura asks Megan for a chat. She apologises for calling her a slag but that emotions were high and she was in shock. She told Megan that they were having sex just hours ago and that Wes was constantly reassuring her that he was falling for her so she doesn’t understand what happened.

NONE OF THIS IS ABSORBED BY MEGAN who just goes on to say that she told Samira about her feelings (how did Laura not kick off here?) and just thought she should ask Wes where he’s at. She apologises for not speaking to Laura first. Laura takes it and walks off.

Wes talks to Megan about not rubbing it in Laura and Eyal’s faces. So of course Megan pressures him into a kiss again. And yet AGAIN when he says no because it’s too fresh, she guilt-trips him into feeling bad by saying she’s sure he doesn’t like her and that she’s sad that she’s been rejected again.

(side note – imagine the roles reversed and a guy was constantly begging a girl for a kiss and then guilting her when she refused…)

It’s bed-time and Wes and Megan brazenly walk past the others in the bedroom and go out to the daybed outside. Laura starts laughing at the sheer ARROGANCE of it, goes to the sofa and calls him a prick.

Ellie joins her.

Wes and Megan finally have the kiss she’s been pushing for, for two days, outside.

The next morning, Laura tells Samira that that she’s hurt that Wes and Megan are sleeping on the same day bed together. How she’s not asking Samira what the fuck she’s been playing at I don’t know. Maybe she’s a better actress than the occasional roles in musicals would lead us to believe.

Jack doesn’t understand why Wes couldn’t have waited a day to pounce on Megan and neither can any of us.

Out in the kitchen and Eyal (redeems himself minisculey) by telling Wes that he was cold for doing what he did and that he should’ve handled himself in a more sensitive and respectful way.

Eyal thinks they’ve both been selfish and are probably made for each other. Our curly-haired, mushroom-taking, star-gazing friend ain’t wrong there.

Georgia tells Josh that Wes can’t go from being totally into Laura one moment and then totally into Megan the next. And it’s obvious that Wes either wasn’t happy with Laura fully so it was easy to jump ship, or he’s had a case of, ‘grass is greener’ which he’ll inevitably regret.

She asks if Josh would do the same thing to her. He reassures her he wouldn’t.

Eyal tells Ellie he likes her but that he didn’t pursue her out of respect to Megan and Alex but Ellie wants to take time to figure out if he’s genuine. And with two people being dumped from the island – she hasn’t got much time.

Jack chats to Dani and Georgia about when he saw Wes and Megan cuddling, kissing and stroking each other this morning. He’s astounded. Jack reckons Wes has made himself look stupid.

Laura walks past Megan and Wes and tells the gang it’s difficult for her to see them all loved up. Wes walks over to chat to her but Laura doesn’t want to know.

He attempts to apologise for seeming to be cold and malicious but before he’s even got his sniffly sorry out of his mouth, she cuts him down in the SUBLIMEST way and tells him, ‘yeah you just want to make yourself look good, I don’t forgive you, you can go now,’ and she is ultimately propelled to Queen status. Second only to Dani. Like a blonde, Scottish and tattooed Princess Anne, if you will.

Laura speaks to Alex and he asks if Megan has spoken to her. She said that Megan hasn’t said anything. Alex gently asks her what her game plan is – she tells him it’s not to cry.

Megan asks to talk to Laura again. She apologises for being insensitive. Like the steely, bad-ass she has now become, she asks Megan if that’s all and walks off.

Megan tells everyone that she has no regrets. We’ll see babe…

It’s the evening and Laura asks Wes for a chat.

She tells him she’s in shock because her feelings for him were real. She doesn’t want his apologies for cracking on with Megan so blatantly when he has every intention of doing it again. She gets upset and tells him that what they had couldn’t have been real. Was he faking it the entire time?

Over in the kitchen, Eyal tells Ellie that he fancies her. She tells him that today has been a good start into getting to know each other. Somehow they end up snogging.

We’re on the hammock with Adam and Zara and she tells him that she’s not worried if another girl walks in because she thinks she’s got Adam where she wants him. He asks if she’s sure. *cough*prick*cough*


Resplendent in a polka dot jumpsuit and DEM LEGS, she gathers the islanders to tell them that the public have been voting for their favourite couple.

The three couples with the least amount of votes risk being dumped.

The couples that are safe are; Jack and Dani, Samira and Sam, Georgia and Josh and Laura and Wes.

The safe girls then must then choose a boy – between Adam, Alex and Eyal to go home whereas the safe boys must choose a girl – between Mega, Ellie and Zara to go home.

There’s much debate over who has had too many chances, who has not had enough chances, who they get on with most and who they’d be sad to see go.

The girls choose Eyal to go home and the boys choose Zara to go.

She is absolutely devastated to go and we ALMOST see a glimmer of humanity in Adam as he tells the camera, ‘the situation isn’t ideal.’  Ellie tells Adam he should go with Zara but LOL nope, someone who is definitely his type and who he can buzz off of is on her way in…

Whereas upon leaving, Zara tells us that she’ll wait for him because she thinks she’s found love.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Adam to crack on with a new girl and for the producers to send Zara back in a-la MALIN AND TERRY.

The show comes to an end up announcing a later time tonight (9.15pm because of the footy) and the arrival of 6 new boys and 6 new girls.

Which means one thing CASA AMOR!

If you read my last catch up, you will have seen the rumour that Jack had been texting someone… that someone is new arrival Ellie so it’ll be interesting to see how that one plays out. Could Jack be tempted? I think he’s massively in-love with Dani, so no, but YA NEVER KNOW, kids.

Ben’s thought of the episode was: ‘Adam giving love advice is like Gemma Collins giving manners and etiquette training.’ That infamous NOW magazine interview would certainly adhere to that.

Hero: Last night’s hero had to be Laura. She was totally wrong for calling Megan a slag and did well in apologising for it. She held her head high and remained as dignified and bull-shit free as possible.

Villain: All of the boys for not voting Megan off. Whilst Zara was dull, her and Adam were happy whereas Megan was just causing so much shit. It would’ve given Wes and Laura both a clean break to find someone else that they both click with and not leave the house an awkward space. Plus she’s the worst.

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  • Holly
    June 28, 2018

    Absolutely love this series! I always catch up after love island itself or the day after.

    You write it so well and say exactly what everyone is thinking.

    The biggest shock for me was Samiera saying she didn’t see it coming. WHAT?! You bloody knew before Wes did.

    What do you think?

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