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Love Island 4.24: Everyone’s Heads Are Turning, Georgia Is Precious And WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO JANI

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Love Island Series 4, Episode 24 – you can read the previous episode catch up here.

We’re back and Casa Amor is still a thing.

Megan tells Samira and Dani that Alex is a good kisser. As if she created ALL THAT DRAMA with Wes and Laura to ditch him for a bloke that looks like he’d be the male-porn-star of Fake Doctor.

She tells Samira and Dani that she feels bad for Wes but hope that he’s cracking on with other girls in Casa Amor. He’s not.

Meanwhile Wes tells the boys that none of the girls are the ‘same gravy’ as Megan. What, hot but lacking in flavour and too salty?


The Villa and Casa Amor will go head to head in a series of ‘cheeky challenges’.

The challenges range from cringe (sex positions, snogging) to downright disgusting ( toe-sucking and belly-button drinking) and it’s utter turmoil for Dani, Jack and Georgia who are all worried what their respective partners are up to.

In an unsurprising turn of events – seeing as Georgia is the most competitive person on the planet – the Villa have won a competition again.

Back over at Casa Amor and Alex doesn’t care that they lost the competition as he got to have loads of snogs with Charlie. I wonder if she feels the same?

Georgia is worrying about the challenge as she can anticipate that Josh had to kiss someone LITTLE DOES SHE KNOW he’s virtually married to Kaz and has already had her whole ‘gourmet’ toe in his mouth.

Megan tells Dean that he and Alex are her type and that she’s pursued Alex more. She reckons that her and Alex are more of an attraction whereas she rates Dean as a person. Dean says he wants to get to know her more so because Megan is collecting pulls like Pokemon, she kisses him and they parade over to Alex.

HOWEVER, she tells us that the kiss was awful and that she knew immediately it was bad EVEN THOUGH she held his hand and kissed him again and I just do not understand the wizardry.

The girls tell her to just apologise to Alex for kissing Dean and that it’ll all be right again. She knows it will. Of course she does.

Josh reckons he’s at a crossroads with Kaz and Georgia although it’s quite clear which road he’s travelling down.

Adam is talking to Daryelle and she asks how he’d act if Zara was still in. He reckons he feels more comfortable with Daryelle already. BECAUSE THAT’S HIS CATCHPHRASE. They kiss.

Charlie (Casa Amor girl Charlie, not wannabe MIC Villa Charlie) tells Alex (Original Doctor Love not new Fake Doctor glasses-wearing) that she wants to take things slow and see how they go. SHE DOES NOT FANCY HIM.

Sam (Villa Sam Bird) really likes Ellie (Jack’s Ex Ellie not Geordie Ellie) and they both say they’re getting on and find each other funny. She tells him she’s really needy. They kiss.

14 billion people apply for Love Island and the producers have the audacity to have 16 Sam, Alex, Jack and Ellies… no.

Jack (new long-head Jack not the nation’s favourite although he seems fine so far) is laying it on Laura and tells her she’s cute. He says she can’t take compliments. Laura reckons he’s got layers. They kiss.

Frankie and Samira chat and she tells him she fancies him more than Sam. He tells her that as he’s gotten to know her he’s gotten to like her more. Aka Megan pied him and he knows Samira is keen.

Charlie (MICW – Made In Chelsea Wanker) chats to Ellie and reckons they should kiss. They kiss.

Megan takes Dean off for a chat. She tells him that she prefers Alex. She tells him she rates him a lot as a person (lol) and that she hopes there’s no hard feelings.

She then goes to speak to Alex and tells him that she knows it’s muggy she spoke to Dean. She said it’s because she’s worried about his motives. It’s not. It’s because she can. She tells him she gets on better with him than Wes. They kiss again.


Jack tells Adam that he misses Dani and that he loves her. The nation wish they could celebrate but WE’VE ALL SEEN THE PREVIEW.

It’s bed time and Daryelle tells Adam that he’s had a girl every week and ask if he’s proud. He says he isn’t. He is.

Samira and Frankie kiss. Megan and Alex snog. Ellie and Charlie MICW make out and Kaz and Joshua get it on.

Georgia, Jack and Dani all sleep alone.

Next morning and Georgia is worrying about Josh. Dani reassures her that he hasn’t done anything. Innocent, sweet, naive girls.

Alex said he doesn’t know how to progress things with Charlie but that they’re getting on. They’re not. I swear Alex gets on with every girl he likes enough for both of them. Is she just reserved or is she just not interested?

Samira tells Dani and Georgia that she kissed Frankie whereas Ellie has taken it further and is wearing MICW Charlie’s bracelets and glasses. That’s basically an engagement in Love Island terms so this looks like it’s going well.

Megan reckons that Alex is finally the whole package – more of the whole package than Wes who she also told was ‘totally her type’ but KEWL. She hopes it’s 3rd time lucky. And honestly, we know it’s not.


The boys have sent a ‘story’ from Casa Amor.

The original girls see footage of Adam saying that he’s not bothered about Zara. Joshua getting excited over Kaz and Jack being shocked at the arrival of his ex.

Dani is devastated and crying and the girls are trying to reassure her by telling her that they are exes for a reason. She reckons it’s all bullshit and that she can’t ever be happy. She’s upset that he was shocked his ex was there. She knew it was too good to be true.

IS IT? Or will Jack be able to prove his love for her?

It’s recoupling tonight and from what I can work out, it’s going to go like this…

The original girls are going to be asked whether they want to recouple with a new boy or stay single. If they recouple and their original boy couple has recoupled – fab. If they recouple but their original boy as stayed single – he could be booted. If the original girl stays single and their original boy stays single – fine but if their original boy has recoupled they could be in danger of leaving.

The Aftersun preview already showed us Megan picking new Alex to be the first couple leaving Wes in danger and I HAVE QUESTIONS.

Will Laura then choose to stick with Wes, hoping they can give it another go? Or will she recouple with New Jack?

Will Josh bring back Kaz? If so, will Georgia anticipate this and recouple to save herself? If she doesn’t and Josh brings back Kaz, will she be in trouble?

Will Dani and Jack both stay single and trust that each other have stayed loyal?

Tonight is sure to be a good’un!

Ben’s Thought from last night was a fraught one – ‘Until Jani are alright, I’m staying behind the sofa’

I’ve done it guys, I’ve made a Love Island fan out of my previous hater of a fiance.

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