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Love Island 4.25: There’s A Recoupling, A Bed Shuffling And A Feather Or Two Ruffling

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Love Island Series 4, Episode 25. You can read the previous episode catch-up, here.

It’s the fall-out from the girls receiving the boy’s Story from Casa Amor.

The girls are reassuring Dani that her and Jack are boyfriend and girlfriend and that he wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt her. But in Dani’s mind, they’re already wrapped around each other, having sucked each other off and probably gotten engaged and she’s only going to be on for an evening invite.

The girls react to Josh’s thrusting frustration over Kaz. Georgia thinks Kaz looks like her and she’s pissed off with Joshua’s reaction. However she can cope with that, but ‘Thank god he hasn’t kissed her’ erm babe…

Josh thinks Georgia hasn’t done anything but she hopes he has so he’s off the hook. You’re not off the hook mate. In fact, you’re so ON the hook that you’ll be renamed Captain Hook and we ALL know how universally hated that slippery pirate bastard is.

Alex chats to Grace about her time in the villa. What time though? How long has she been in? Did she go on a separate holiday whilst in there? WHO IS SHE?

He thinks her positivity is attractive. We, however cannot confirm or deny having never seen her speak. He tells us that she’s growing on him.

Wes and Jack chat about how much they miss Megan and Dani. Oh Wes, Wes, Wes.

Dani tells the guys in the kitchen that she’ll go if Jack’s been wrapped around his ex. She already thinks Ellie is a boyfriend stealer and she worries that she’s out for Jack. Dani, babe, she’s so fully on Birdwatch that she may as well be Bill Oddie. Chill.

Megan tells Samira that she’s unsure about Wes. Unsure enough to break up his relationship but OK babe. She’s sure she definitely likes Alex more. In the same way Adam likes Daryelle, Zara and Rosie more. Kewl.

Dani and Georgia are wondering if their relationships are safe. One is.

After the break and Georgia and Dani are saying they’ll be devastated if their boys have slept in other beds. SHOW DANI JACK SLEEPING OUTSIDE DAMMIT.

Alex chats to Grace again. I’m glad she’s got 4 minutes of airtime out of this.

He says even though she’s a hair dresser, she’s intelligent and a business owner. Thanks for explaining that Doc. She must be so honoured that you think so.

Alex reckons he needs to decide who he likes more Grace or Charlie. He then asks Grace when his appointment is – does she have a slot for him? Judging by every other woman in the villa, I reckon her slot will dry up pretty quickly every time his whiff of SPF gets near them.

Wes asks Kaz how she feels about Georgia. She says there’s no hard feelings but that Georgia can’t hate her. Ooooooh she can, babe.

Jordan asks Georgia if she’s staying loyal to Josh and she reckons she’s got to stay true to herself. She thinks she’s got depth to her relationship with Josh. He’s about to cut her deep, if that’s what she means.

Megan speaks to Jack (new Jack) about Alex’s (new Alex) intentions. Because HE’S the one to worry about, sure.

Laura says Meg is a shambles and that karma is a bitch. RELATE RELATE RELATE.

Dr Alex asks Grace if she wants to share his bed but only if Charlie’s OK with it. Alex speaks to Charlie and tells her he wants to sleep with Grace tonight. A ‘player’ is born.

Georgia, Dani and Jack all sleep separately again. Our hearts.

After the break and Georgia and Dani are STILL worrying about their relationships. They can’t believe they’ve become such melts. It’s about 32 minutes before Georgia will freeze again.

Jack comes back into the bedroom and asks for a report on the night before. Alex says Charlie is on the subs bench whilst he explores Grace. Not a SINGLE one of them look at him with the same disgust that the nation does.


Tonight there’ll be a recoupling and any new villa inhabitants not coupled will be booted.

Alex needs to decide between Charlie and Grace. No personality oooorrrrr no personality? Tough call doc.

Jack said he trusts Dani 100%, Josh reckons that Georgia will have been loyal which makes him feel bad, Wes thinks Megan will be loyal and Jack also reassures him she will.

There’s another thing Jani have in common – the complete inability to think badly of their pal’s other havles. Sweet.

Megan tells the villa she’s done with Wes and she hopes he’s bringing someone else back. I bet Laura doesn’t wish for the same. It’ll be a particularly excellent flavour of popcorn if he doesn’t.

Dani tells Georgia that they’re both going to be fine. They’re not.

Cazza Flazza walks in. She asks the girls to decide if they want to couple up with someone new or stay loyal to their original boy.

Megan’s up first. She’s decided to go for ANOTHER new guy.

Now we find out if Adam stays single or if he walks in with someone new. He obviously brings Daryelle because he’s never like boozzed off someone as much and he cannae wait to get to know her more.

Ellie thinks it’s bullshit and he’s a prick. We all agree.

It’s Ellie’s turn and without a second thought to Alex, she recouples with Charlie MICW.

Lucky for him (and probs not for her) Alex walks in with Grace.

Laura has the choice between Wes or to recouple. She recouples with Jack and drops Wes quicker than he dropped a duvet down on the day bed with Megan.

Wes walks in alone. The AMOUNT I wanted his reaction to be shown in slow motion whilst watching Laura’s eyes fire up with glee…

Dani said the story from Casa Amor broke her heart but she sticks with Jack. Jack (OF COURSE) walks in alone and they all cheer. They hug and kiss and tell each other they’ve missed each other. ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD AGAIN.

Samira decides to recouple with Frankie. Sam walks in with Jack’s ex Ellie.

Dani reckons she can fuck off and that she’s not speaking to her. She’s the level of petty we all aspire to be and she exchanges a glance with Samira that EVERYONE has exchanged everytime someone who we can’t bear to even breathe walks past us.

And now it’s Georgia’s turn and we ALL know how this will play out. She reckons she has to be loyal like she has been all series. Josh walks in with Kaz.

Josh says it took someone special to blow him away and turn his head from her. Twisting melons? How about twisting the knife in? Georgia tells him she was loyal to him and stood by him. She composes her self beautifully. What a legend.

Savannah and Charlie walk in. Caroline tells them all that they’re to go. Not a single one will be missed.

Ben’s LIQ (aka his best work yet): ‘Not sure what I’m more pleased about – the Jani reunion or Wes being punched in the gooch by karma.’

Hero: This episode’s hero HAS to be Georgia. She opened herself up to hurt and instead of reacting like some of us may have done (especially at her age) by name-calling or screaming like a banshee, she composed herself and looked the most beautiful she ever has. A national sweetheart was born.

Villain: Tough to say… Megan for finding Josh’s behaviour funny? Alex for the sub’s bench comment? Adam for forgetting Zara immediately or Josh, aka devil incarnate, for hurting our lil G.

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