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Love Island Series 4, Episode 26. You can read the previous episode’s catch up, here.

It’s the fall-out of (ENGLAND WINNING A PENALTY SHOOT OUT WHAT KIND OF ALTERNATE UNIVERSE ARE WE IN) of Josh bringing back Kaz and breaking G’s heart. He is trying to talk to Georgia but she refuses.

Samira tells Josh that Georgia properly waited for him. Samira the Mighty Stirrer is at it again but Josh doesn’t seem bothered.

Dani takes Georgia off and tells her not to kick off and to stay calm and composed – which she does. She finishes by laughing with Georgia about Josh and rinses him for wearing the same jeans for days on end. I want to start a girl band with these two.

Jack and Dani cuddle on the day bed and they tell each other how much they like each other. Dani says she is gutted that Ellie is here. She worries that Ellie is here for a reason – and that reason is to steal Jack back.

Sorry but I LOVE how Jack supports everything Dani says here. She’s like, ‘I hate it’ and he’s like, ‘yeah’. She says, ‘it’s so weird and I think she’s got a reason,’ he says, ‘yeah I know.’ At this point she could say, ‘I’m going to wait until 3am, take her pillowcase and do a massive shit in it and then put it back,’ and he’d be like, ‘don’t forget to wake me up.’

Wes goes to the terrace with Samira.

Kaz tells Megan not to worry as Wes didn’t like anyone at Casa Amor so it’s not like he passed someone over for her. Really can’t see how that’s supposed to be a good thing.

Wes tells Samira that he’s hated being away but that he’s not going to beg for Meg back. He even tells her he did a little cry and I’m sure Laura would love to bottle those tears and use them as a dressing on her next salad.

Georgia and Grace chat and she asks about what Kaz is like. Grace doesn’t even know what day it is and proves useless for information. Josh walks over and asks Georgia for a chat.

He apologises for mugging her off. She says he’s not. She asks why he would do it. She said she was tested by Jordan (who) but stayed loyal to him because he always said that was important to him. She tells him she poured her heart out to him which she never does.

He tells her he had more of a connection with Kaz. Even though Georgia calls her Cass and he doesn’t correct her. She tells him that he must’ve been fake with her in the first place. Georgia ends the chat with a chilling and precise, ‘fuck off’ and leaves him agape.

(At this point last night I genuinely wondered if Josh realised he’d made a big mistake here. The constant need to talk to Georgia seemed less about making himself feel better and more about wanting to make sure she was Ok – could totally be misguided but I reckon watch this space…)

It’s bed-time and Megan and Alex are getting it on in the bed next to Wes. LOOOOL.

Jack tells Dani that he’s in love with her. She tells him that’s sweet and then she says it back. The nation don’t know who they love more at this point – Gareth Southgate or Jani.

The next morning and Georgia chats to the girls in the kitchen, she says she’s never been dumped before so it’s typical that she opened up only to find herself in the bin.

Megan tells Samira that she feels guilty. But Megan hasn’t spoken to Wes and done the decent thing? To clear the air and apologise? She’s just been hanging around bitching about Georgia and snaked around Alex? Samira tells Megan that Wes cried, because of course she does.

Wes tells Georgia he hated hearing Megan and Alex kissing and laughing. So did we all but for different reasons.

Dani tells the girls that Jack told her he loved her. Jack tells the boys he told Dani and they celebrate with him. A wella wella wella huh.

New Grace tells Ellie not to worry about the Jani situation and that as they’re all in the villa together, she thinks they should all get on. I don’t think she understands the premise of the show. Ellie says she feels really bad. Does she? She doesn’t want there to be a divide. She does.


Dani and Ellie are going out for drinks. Jack’s bumhole inverts on itself.

They sit down for drinks and both agree it isn’t the nicest situation.

I genuinely don’t think Dani meant to spill orange juice all over Ellie’s white dress…

Ellie says it was weird to see Jack (was it? She knew he was on the show?) but she doesn’t want to get back with him. Dani asks her when they were seeing each other. Ellie said they were talking a couple of days before he came in. She said Jack is lovely but a bit of a shit and that’s because Jack didn’t like her that much.

Back at the villa and Jack’s talking to Adam. He’s not worried what Ellie will say but is totally worried what Ellie will say. Adam tells him that Dani will see through it.

Dani asks Ellie what Jack did to not treat her nicely. She say sometimes he would make an effort and sometimes he wouldn’t. Ellie said he was a bit of a fuckboy and her friends warned her off him. Dani is being the SWEETEST and agreeing that that behaviour isn’t nice.

Then Ellie reveals that Jack has a poster of Danny Dyer (Dani Dyer’s Dad Danny Dyer) above his bed. HILARIOUS.

The girls stroll back to the villa. Dani and Jack kiss and hug. But she’s going to let him stew by filling Laura in first.

She tells her that Jack just said they were just chatting casually whereas Ellie said they were on and off. Same thing?

Laura tells Dani that when boys really fall in love that they can change. Dani says that Jack just needs to be honest with her.

Jack pulls Dani aside and asks her how it was. Dani tells him she didn’t realise it was that intense. (WAS IT?)

She tells Jack what Ellie said he was like. Dani tells him that he shouldn’t have behaved that way. She’s been fucked over every single time by guys and she doesn’t want Jack to be the same. Jack gets defensive. He explains it’s because he doesn’t want it to come between them. She just wants them both to be honest with each other. She then takes the piss out of him for having the poster and he is a bit annoyed that he’s being made out to be a weirdo. They kiss and they’re all good.

Kaz asks Josh if he has feelings for Georgia and he says that he does but he finds Kaz madly attractive and they have a great vibe. (SEE…)

He wants to smooth things out with Georgia. He asks to speak to her again.

They go to the daybed. He tells her he still has feelings for her and doesn’t want to see her hurt.

She asks how he thinks it makes sense that he can have feelings for Kaz in 3 hours after everything he promised her. She tells him she really liked him. He says he really liked her too (although he defo stumbled over the word ‘liked’ and nearly said ‘likes’). She tells him she isn’t crying to him and in true Georgia style, she fixes her face and turns back to him, composed and calm. She tells him he’s a fucking prick. She also says she knows him and she knows he isn’t happy. He’s taken aback but tries to say he is happy (unconvincingly in my eyes). She ends with another perfect, ‘Fuck off’ before going to cry it all out with Dani.

Ben’s LIQ: Jack Dyer has a nice ring to it.

Hero: Again tonight’s hero was Georgia. She gave Josh just the right amount of salt to let him know he’s fucked up and a bit of a douche but not too much so that she looks like a raving banshee.

Villain: For me it was Samira. I really dislike how she goes to Wes as a supportive friend but then makes him look ridiculous to Megan. She always seems to find herself chatting to one party and then stirring it with the opposite.

So what’s next? Surely it’s time for some people to be dumped off the island? For me, I’d like to see Alex and Grace and Samira and Frankie to go. Neither of them are genuine couples for us to get the warm fuzzies but also neither couples are going to give us any drama. I’m also done with Megan/Alex and Adam/Daryelle but at least these couples might provide the dramz if new, more ‘their type on paper’ people come in. What are your predictions?

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