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Love Island 4.30: Whilst The Girls Are Away, The Boys Will… Do A Weird Yorkshire Based Role-Play

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Love Island Series 4, Episode 30. You can read Friday night’s run down, here.

We’re still talking about THE KISS from Georgia and Jack’s date. The internet has been divided with half of viewers thinking that Georgia meant no harm and misread signals and the other half believing that she fully intended to crack on with Jack. Where do you guys stand?

Georgia asks Laura for a chat. Laura tells her that she was giving her mixed signals about her feelings towards Jack. Did she just want to have a laugh with him as a mate, or did she feel a connection?

Georgia tells her that she’s never grafted anyone and wouldn’t start doing it with Jack. She also tells her that he was more forward on the date than she was. Laura tells Georgia she’s not feeling it with him and that she wants to move on.

Georgia says her loyalties lie with Laura. Except we DID all see the date, yes? And she DID tell him that she felt there was something between them? (Like Megan told Wes?) and she DID tell him that she thought he was flirty with her, which he was confused about? And yes he did tell her that AFTER Laura, she’d be the one he’d crack on with and yep, she DID kiss him on the lips – but are we 100% sure he DEFINITELY didn’t want to kiss her back?

Are we ANY clearer on what happened?

Anywhos, Georgia calls Jack for a chat. She doesn’t understand why he’s painting her to be a liar. He’s not denying that he flirted but he stated clearly that he likes Laura. He said they were on different dates as he read it completely differently to how she read it. She walks off and calls him a liar.

Is Georgia just covering her tracks or was she genuinely on a different date to him as is confused as to what really went on? It’s hard to work out!

Laura asks him for a chat. She tells him she’s not feeling it anymore. She doesn’t want to get mugged off. She’s looking for more and doesn’t want to settle. Laura reckons they just wouldn’t work out on the outside. She said they can still be besties and they hug.

Georgia and Sam are kissing in the kitchen. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?


The Hideaway is open and Josh and Kaz are sent in by the others.

It’s bed time and all the couples are making out except Alex and Grace and Laura and New Jack. Kaz and Josh are getting it onnnnn. Do we have new DBS members?

The next morning and a very important ‘Do Bits’ meeting is called to interrogate Josh over his Hideaway antics. He says he’s lighter on his feet. Which we all know is code for a bit of hand/mouth relief. Kaz tells Samira and Megan they did bits but not all of the bits just bits of bits.

Laura and Georgia chat again. Laura says boys are boys. She wants a man. She wants to move on. Georgia and Laura decide to be friends. Georgia is not happy with Ellie getting involved but Laura tells her that Ellie was sticking up for her.

Samira says that there’s a girl divide now. It would appear to be Ellie/Megan/Samira vs the rest but actually it’s more like Ellie/Laura vs Georgia/Dani vs Megan/Kaz with Samira going between all parties like she’s auditioning for the part of Littlefinger in Game of Thrones.

Ellie said she’s not bothered about Georgia at all. Samira think she’s nice but that Georgia doesn’t know who she is. On the fence again Samira, eh. Megan agrees with Ellie. Because for some reason, Megan has never liked Georgia.

THEORY: Megan was the less popular, less-good-with-boys girl at school who had a rival in someone like Georgia who’s naturally pretty, outgoing and a boys’ girl and Megan can’t get over that feeling. Just me? Anyone else?

Georgia walks in front of the boys at the kitchen and sings ‘Dry Your Eyes Mate’ at Jack who’s just been pied by Laura. The boys think it was a shit move. I do too.


Luckily it’s not another dancing competition and instead the girls are all heading out for drinks to clear the air.

Samira acts as peacemaker. Ironic as she’s the biggest shit-stirrer. Dani wants to know what’s going on with Megan and Laura.

They both air their differences and make up. AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND. Why does Laura keep being a doormat for the girls that have fucked her over? Just be a stronger person and be like, ‘you fucked me over, we can be civil but I want your head on a plate,’ rather than making up for the sake of it and then hating them in secret.

Laura says that Jack and her are done. She said she feels like she’s been pressured to make up with Georgia and get rid of Jack because she thinks Georgia was going to pursue Jack.

Inexplicably, back at the villa and the boys are doing some form of weird role-play in Yorkshire accents. Which, I suppose, is a bit of light relief from the girls all tearing each other apart.

Back on their night out and the girls sit around for a chat.

Ellie apologises for the other night. She’s still sure Georgia isn’t loyal but she shouldn’t have called her the name that she did.

Laura tells Georgia that she hurt her and she can’t own it. Georgia can’t understand why everything was fine with her and Laura and yet now Laura’s piping up and tbh neither can we.

Laura says she’s the victim not Georgia. And again Ellie gets involved and says that Georgia shouldn’t have said she’s loyal when she kissed Jack.

There’s more screeching over loyalty and being the victim and I zone out.

We’re back at the villa, with the guys still doing their weird role play and Jack is incredible at accents.

Georgia tells Sam that Ellie ganged up on her. Pretty sure you need more than one vs one or two vs two to count as being ganged up on but sure, it can’t be nice.

Laura tells Alex, Samira and Frankie that she was forced to make up with Georgia. BY WHO? WHAT DID WE MISS?

Georgia apparently also missed it because she can’t understand why Laura made up with her but then was mean to her.


It’s date night and the boys are tasked with cooking for the girls.

Laura tells the girls that she wants to apologise to New Jack and get things back on track.

On the dates and Georgia asks for more info on Sam’s job. We couldn’t care less.

Laura tells Jack that she’s confused. She doesn’t want to be mugged off but that she misses him. He looks equally confused and AGAIN, infuriatingly, Laura CANNOT COMMUNICATE PROPERLY.

Grace and Alex talk about her bad hairdressing experience and luckily it’s the only time this episode that either of them have really spoken because they’re both as bland as the soup the boys just served up.

Charlie tells Ellie she’s everything he’s looking for. Fab, you can both leave now.

Laura tells Jack she missed him. He says that her to-ing and fro-ing is a mind-fuck. She said she thought she was getting fucked over again and she tried to take control of the situation.

Wes asks what Megan’s family would think of him. She said that Wes’s family would judge her for stripping. She said he’s good at everything and that she always gets looked down upon. She said she doesn’t ever talk about this kind of thing.

AND HERE LIES THE CRUX OF MEGAN. I’m going to write a post on it because I have TOO MANY FEELINGS.

Laura says that she’s trying to lay it on the line for Jack but he says that he agreed with her last night – that they wouldn’t really work. She reckons she’s all or nothing and she wants to go all. He doesn’t think it’ll work and apparently wants to go, ‘nothing’. She walks away.

It’s the end of the episode and the public are told to vote for their favourite girl and favourite boy, the islanders with the least amount of votes are up for elimination.

Could we see what we’ve seen in previous years? Could a couple in the villa be charged with being the, ‘power couple’ (obvs Jack and Dani) who would then decide which housemates leave?

The only girls I can see being in danger are Grace or Kaz but out of the boys I think it could be Charlie or Frankie – who do you think is going tonight?

Ben’s LIQ (Aftersun based…): Zara believing that Adam loves her is like us believing that Theresa May wants to save the NHS. Ooh, topical.

Hero: It’s becoming harder, it really, really is. I genuinely only like Jack and Dani. And I definitely could’ve liked Wes if he hadn’t had fucked it. I also could’ve liked Laura if she wasn’t so melty and bad at communicating and I was this close to liking Georgia – until the kiss and she tried to become ‘cool girl’ again.

Villain: I barely must any emotion for anyone at this point. Megan? Sure. Alex? Sure. Ellie? Samira? Josh? Kaz? I verge on mild dislike and utter disinterest with them all.

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