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Love Island 4.4: There’s Cava In The Car Park, Niall Finds His Rainbow Fish and Kendall Is An Over Thinker

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Love Island Series 4 Episode 4 – read the previous catch up, here.

We join Niall, Georgia, Alex and Rosie on their dates in the class villa car park.

Immediately Niall and Georgia neck the champagne and Niall decides he’s met his ‘rainbow fish’ purely based on Georgia being bubbly, fit, not gym-obsessed and a chicken nugget fan. I tend to go for, ‘good with waiters, nice family, morals’ etc but favourite dinner being a roast is important too, so.

Rosie and Alex discuss backgrounds and careers until the moment Rosie deals Alex a blow lower than Hayley’s kiss-pie. She tells him that she’s rooting for him. Because a 6 ft 3, well educated, A&E doctor with normal teeth and a salmon shirt really needs all the support he can get? Muggy mate.

Hayley takes a break from verbally annihilating girls she hasn’t even met yet and her and Dani leave the bitches lair from atop the balcony to stroll back downstairs with a sarcastic, ‘HEY BOYS’.


Dani has got the hump that Jack is ‘lapping it up’. Jack is dazzled (and not just by his teeth) by Dani’s reaction because she flat-out said she wasn’t interested in him romantically. Does she like him? Or is she afraid of her place in the villa?

Hayley is annoyed that Eyal said he’s been friend zoned. Which apart from the Friend Zone NOTE BEING A THING, is true in that she told him she wasn’t interested in him romantically. What is wrong with these two, eh?

Jack now tells Dani that he was bothered that she didn’t like him and Dani thinks there’s been miscommunication.

Hayley says she’s waiting for Love as it’s Love Island and Eyal says that Hayley hasn’t made any effort to get to know him. She disagrees and her proof is that she knows he’s got brothers and sisters.

I wonder if she also knows that he’s got curly hair and his named spelled backwards is Laye. Which these two are definitely not going to do.

Kendall snaps at Adam as she thought he was mugging her off to the new girls. Adam doesn’t like Kendall’s insecure side. Neither do we Adam, neither do we.

Back on the date and Niall reveals his favourite music is country. He proceeds to sing the one line of Jolene that EVERYONE knows and I wonder whether he picked up his musical taste from a youth spent queuing for Logger’s Leap.

Rosie loves golf, Alex is so happy to have found someone with similar interests. He proceeds to try and discuss golf. She doesn’t know anything about golf.

Niall says he likes Georgia – he’s been waiting for someone special and they share a smooch.

Alex and Rosie leave. He’s not showing any vitals.

After the break, the boys introduce the new girls to the rest of the gang. Rosie says that she only sees Alex as a friend and the hearts drop out of the rest of the girls’ asses. She reveals she likes Niall and Adam. That’s going to put a cat amongst the dragons!

Georgia tells Rosie that if she likes Adam that she should go for it.

Wes reveals that Niall and Georgia kissed and AGAIN Hayley is FUMING. She reckons you can’t trust anyone (a girl you said one word to 2 minutes ago) because Georgia didn’t say anything about kissing Niall.

Kendall and Samira ask Alex about the date and Alex reveals Niall and Georgia kissed. Kendall looks shocked.

Adam wants to kiss Kendall but she doesn’t want to because people might think she’s doing it because the new girls and she completely loses her head. On one hand, she wants to take things at her own pace but on the other hand she believes Adam will lose interest. What’s a gal to do eh?

The next morning and Alex and Adam are working out together. Although WHY anyone would choose to work out next to Adam baffles me. One errant slip on the bars and you’d slice your arm off with his abs.

Alex reckons he would stick with Samira out of loyalty to give her a chance to meet someone. He is too pure for this world.

Kendall and Adam settle down for a chat and he tells her that his last 2 girlfriends were insecure like her. In the diary room he hints that he might be better off going with someone different – someone more confident in themselves. Who could he be thinking of?

Georgia and Niall sit down for a chat and she reckons Rosie likes Adam. Georgia doesn’t think he’s fit but Niall rates him. At this point I wonder what it would be like if Niall and Adam coupled up.

Hayley and Dani are having a DNM and agree that they are the most vulnerable so decide to swap partners – Eyal with Dani and Jack with Hayley. Suddenly, even though both of them have attested that it’s Love Island, not a game and they’re both here to meet someone they like – it’s now a game.


The girls are off to compete in a Girl Power game dressed as super heroes. Whilst this game is silly, fun and REALLY FUCKING PAINFUL IF YOU’RE SAMIRA’S UTERUS – it does have an interesting ending with Kendall being tied to Eyal and having to kiss him for the win and Rosie being tied to Adam, which reveals some sexual tension.

After the break, the islanders sit down for the viewer’s favourite game – Truth Or Dare – could things finally heat up? Eyal is dared to kiss someone he would want to couple up with. He kisses Kendall and says it’s because he thinks they’re on the same wavelength. Does he also cherish 33% off shoes?

Rosie is dared to kiss who she fancies. She kisses Adam. Kendall (WHO HAS NOW KISSED EYAL TWICE) looks shocked and upset.

Adam goes for a ‘truth’ and is asked, ‘other than Kendall who do you fancy?’ it doesn’t take na A&E doctor to work out his answer – Rosie.

Kendall also plumps for a truth and is asked who she thinks Adam will couple up with. She thinks he’ll go for Rosie. She’s probably not wrong.

As the game plan goes into action – Hayley is asked who she would now step forward for and she reckons Jack.

Jack, oblivious to the girls’ scheme is asked who he would now recouple with and he says Hayley (purely to see Dani’s reaction – which in Love Island means sipping on your water bottle whilst your massive sunglasses hide your teary eyes).

Adam and Kendall sit down for a chat. Alarm bells are ringing because he’s trying to make Kendall feel comfortable but she is too insecure. Adam feels like he’s in a relationship with a Kendall but not getting any affection or benefits. Kendall cries AGAIN.

Jack explains to Dani that she hasn’t given him anything. Dani is now crying because it’s ‘who she is’ and that she’s worried Jack is just like all of her rotten exes.

At the end of the show, Jack and Dani agree to give their coupling another chance. Dani is laughing, Jack looks over the moon and Hayley… well… what’s happened there?

As ever, Ben has text me his thoughts on the show this morning to include in this post and today he sums up last night’s episode…

This has been well boring so far. It’s going at a sNiall’s pace

I agree but will tonight’s recoupling throw some drama into the mix?

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