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Love Island 4.5: Hayley Needs Eyal To Save Her, Adam and Rosie Smooch But Kendall Still Has Feelings And There’s A Rat In The Bush

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Love Island Series 4 Episode 5 Catch Up. Read the previous one here.

We’re back and it’s the evening.The girls are getting ready and are wondering what the boys do whilst they’re going through a glam routine that would be like going to the Oscars for most of us.

I’m sure the boys spend an equal amount of time preening and primping.

Niall and Georgia are cuddling up. He tells her that he’s ecstatic that she joined because ‘she’s on another level.’ I’m not sure which level but it’s not the Dane Bowers fronted one and that’s sad.

Hayley is nervous about the recoupling but she is sure that she’ll get Eyal and will stay with him for safety until she can get someone else. Does Eyal have other ideas?

Hayley reckons all of the girls are vulnerable except Laura and Dani. Her ‘insightful’ chat in the diary room (what is the official name?) leads her to state that being inside the villa is making her wiser. Sure.

Adam takes Kendall aside to say he’s not getting anything back from her and he doesn’t think it’s going any further.

Kendall continues to be unable to articulate what she really wants to say which is, ‘I’m not over my ex, I’m very insecure and I don’t want to get feelings for you in case you fuck me over.’

It’s over for Kendam.

Exactly 2.4 seconds later, Adam takes Rosie off for a chat and tells her he’s binned Kendall. She asks where his head’s at and says she’s interested.

Kendall tells Samira and Alex that Adam has called it off.

We’re back with Geordie Shore extra, Adam as he asks Rosie how the kiss from the truth or dare game was, and they kiss again. Wes and Laura can see them making out.

It’s a sad era to live in when you can bounce from one girl to the next quicker than you can get a McChicken Sandwich ordered.

Eyal and Kendall are chatting by the pool. Kendall rejected Adam for a kiss twice but can’t work out why the ULTIMATE fuckboy is no longer interested.

Again perhaps Adam should’ve articulated the truth to Kendall which is, ‘You’re not over your ex, you’re insecure and I won’t ever catch feelings for you because I want to be on Celebs Go Dating in 6 months time.’

Kendall feels stupid for crying all the time – we feel stupid for watching a show where someone is crying over someone they met a few days ago all the time, and we now think that Eyal wants to pursue Kendall.

Dani and Jack are getting on well again and she feels like they’ve grown up in hours that have passed since deciding to be nice to each other.

They make out and everyone loses their shit in glee as if they’ve just witnessed a lunar landing. Tbf Jack’s teeth could give the moon a run for it’s money in the shiny stakes.

Dani reckons she feels like Meghan walking down the aisle. I don’t think Meghan’s Dad is also Danny Dyer but he didn’t show up at the wedding and neither did DD, so MAYBE.

A rat is hiding in the bushes and that could be genius cinematography to foreshadow more LURKING rats in the shape of islanders. *cough* Adam *cough*.

Samira and Laura tell Kendall that Adam and Rosie kissed. Kendall says it’s fine.

It’s clearly not fine.

It’s bed time and Adam goes to sleep on the couch.


But this time it’s a secret (except for it being emblazoned on the screen) one from Adam who messages Rosie, ‘plenty of room’ in regards to the sofa.

I’m skeptical that there’s plenty of room on a sofa that has to fit Adam’s muscles and bulging ego.

Next morning and the lights are blasted on.

Niall loves that Adam is embracing being a big oily snake.

Kendall confronts Adam over kissing Rosie and tells him she’s gutted. He says she still fancies her and she still fancies him. And that she gets jealous. Adam prefers her jealous. And we prefer Adam silent.

Adam tells the boys he judged Kendall too soon. He now doesn’t know who to recouple with.

The girls are gathered around the beanbags and Georgia asks what they think about Brexit.

Hayley thinks it means getting rid of trees. The beanbags have more knowledge of UK politics than most of these girls combined.


Samira reveals it’s a recoupling TONIGHT.

Quicker than she can get fuming at strangers, Hayley runs over to Eyal and says she loves him as a comment towards there being a recoupling and her understanding her place is tentative.

Adam asks Rosie if she’s stressed and he tells her he’s considering his options. AFTER snogging her and inviting her to sleep beside him. Oily, oily snake.

Wes asks Adam who he would miss more if one of them would have to leave and Adam admits it’s Kendall.

Alex appears for the first time all show and we wonder if he’s been in a coma (8 weeks of medical puns, I’m getting weary, ok?)


Wes picks Laura, OBVS.

Alex showing off his gracious and considerate side and picks Samira so that she has the opportunity to meet someone else.

Jack says that he’s picked his girl for her amazing personality, the click he felt straight away and that she’s kind and beautiful inside and out – he’s smitten and we are with him! Clearly, it’s Dani.

At this point Ben (who has never seen a series before) asks if anyone has ever dropped a stunner at this point and gone for someone completely left field. I plan an entire Saturday of making him watch series 2 and 3. We both agree it would be hilarious if Alex had gone for Laura and fucked it ALLLL up.

Niall confirms that Georgia is his rainbow fish – she stays.

Eyal is up next and we’re wondering if he’s going to stick with Hayley FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON or go for Kendall who he is attracted to.

He tells us that the person he’s chosen is… beautiful (KENDALL SURELY), confident (Ah), and someone he wants get to know better (fuck, he’s doing it, he’s realllllly doing it) -he picks HAYLEY.

For the love of god man, for someone who is so deep WHY ARE YOU SO DENSE?

And we’re left with a producer picked and primed set up of Adam having to choose between Kendall and Rosie.

The girl he has picked is gorgeous, who he felt an attraction with straight away. Someone he hasn’t given enough of a chance and he wants to get to know her more.

He picks ROSIE.

Niall has to restrain Georgia from celebrating to show respect to Kendall which makes us all love Niall that bit more.

Kendall packs her stuff up to leave and is asked who she will miss. She reckons it’s the girls the most.

Except Rosie.

She does the famous leaving the island walk of shame to the airport – still in full glam with suitcase and water bottle in tow and I can’t help but think that if it were me in there, I wouldn’t be leaving until my make up was off, my Gazelles were on and I had a copy of Glamour for the journey.

Ben’s thought for this show…

Eyal’s really thrown himself in the DEEP end by sticking with Hayley

That’s all until Sunday, where we meet 3 new Islanders! I can safely say that this week has been a slow start but we’ve seen that the introduction of newbies can help to stir the pot so let’s hope that these new villa-mates will really kick things off.

What have you thought of this week so far? What do you think of the newbies? Who will they couple with?

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