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Love Island 4.6: Eyal Makes Hayley Sick, There’s 3 New Islanders and ALEX’S SHIRT

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Love Island Series 4, Episode 6. Catch up on the previous episode, here.

We pick up where Kendall was kicked off and see that Adam and Rosie have wandered off for a smooch. It’s 9pm on a Sunday and the nations’ stomachs haven’t digested enough gravy before needing to throw it up again at the SOUNDS.

Georgia apologised to Hayley for celebrating Rosie staying. Although I can’t quite work out why Hayley is the one that needs the apology.

Alex speaks to Samira who is thankful that she kept him in. They both agree to watch out for each other until someone they actually like comes in.

Samira proceeds to laugh uncomfortably whilst Alex lists about 37532 he likes about her. Like that time your boss listed your hard work, team effort and beautiful smile in your Autumn appraisal.

They cheers being best mates. I don’t think either of them understand, ‘best mates’.

Hayley and Eyal wander off. Eyal wants to give Hayley a second chance as they are getting to know each other more. Hayley agrees and they snog.

In the Diary Room, Hayley tells us that she’s not used to being kept on her toes. Unless she’s asked what Brexit means.

Back outside and she tells Dani they’ve kissed but that she didn’t enjoy it. She then gets into bed with Eyal and lays all over him.

It’s the next morning and the islanders are awoken by what we can’t tell is either daylight or Jack smiling at Dani.


Led by Adam, the contestants are invited to a spot of morning Couples Yoga.

Hayley doesn’t understand why it’s just stretching and different moves.

Jack is not flexible except when it’s bending over backwards to keep Dani interested.

Later on, Eyal is chatting to the guys about why Hayley stepped forward. He believes that she did it because she’s ready to open up and get to know him. We all know she’s just ready for an extra week of exposure in the villa.

Laura is chatting to Wes as she’s worried about their age difference (20 and 29, no YOU’RE going to make the joke about her REAL age).

Wes tells her that he would love to take Laura home and she is surprised by his maturity and intelligence.

We catch up with HaEyaly again as he attempts to discuss spirituality with her.

At this point I can’t work out whether Eyal just did a gap yah in Per-ah and chundered everywha- or whether he did philosophy and reflexology at uni and spent 4 years eating bread but I DIGRESS.

Hayley thinks it means seeing ghosts and this conversation is dead.


Dani and Jack are off on their first date.

Dani hasn’t washed her hair or shaved her legs and we finally have an Islander we can relate to because who has got the time, in 42 degree heat, to wash their hair when they’re in and out of the pool and spending 98% of their time sunbathing.

Dani asks Jack about his last relationship. Jack wants someone to ‘go out’ with. Dani wants the same. Jack shits himself about meeting Dani’s family. Remember audience, she is DDDDD.

After the break, Hayley tells Wes and Laura that the kiss between her and Eyal has clarified there’s no connection.

She goes on to say that Eyal buzzing about it is making her sick. She likes a guy who plays it cool and who would give her a snack on the bum.

Even Eyal’s breathing pisses her off. Now before we judge – if it’s 20 minutes of meditation every half an hour then we can see her point – but I don’t think that’s what it is.

Back to the first date and Dani tells Jack that she’s never sat on a beach with someone. What the fuck has Danny Dyer been spending his money on if it’s not family holidays?

As soon as they’re back from the beach, Wes asks Jack for advice.

He tells him that Hayley was slagging off Eyal. He says Eyal hasn’t done anything wrong and thinks he should tell Eyal what was said. Jack agrees and they call him over.

He tells Eyal that Hayley said she felt sick after the kiss and that he was annoying her.

Alex and his tie-dye, technicolour t-shirt of dreams walk over. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT? I immediately switch off mentally and try to picture which stall in Camden market would have something similar. That’s the only show merch I want!

Eyal calls Hayley over and confronts her over chatting shit. Hayley said all she said was that Eyal was not her type. He’s now seen the light and doesn’t want to get to know Hayley. IT’S GETTING HEATED.

Hayley’s adamant she hasn’t led him on and she tells the girls she hasn’t talked shit about him.

She most definitely did.

Hayley figured out it was Wes that told Eyal and calls him over. She says she confided in Wes and begins to cry as she thinks it makes her look two-faced. Wes assures her it doesn’t. It does.

Laura has a go at Wes for telling Eyal. She thought he was mature but believes that this was a sly thing to do.

(Where do you guys stand? I think if someone was talking shit about my mate, I’d tell them to stop and I’d definitely tell my mate. I’d also stick by it!)

Jack doesn’t think Wes is in the wrong but he’s worried about fucking things up with Laura and that he looks untrustworthy.

Hayley moves her duvet to the lounge to sleep. Eyal offers her the bed.

After the break, new islanders Charlie and Josh are introduced and we see them walk into the garden.

I’m wondering where Charlie’s eyebrows are. Did he leave them on the plane?

Laura, Hayley and Samira are in the balcony and spot the new boys.

Charlie is Samira’s type and after wearing his best shirt and showing the most personality he’s shown so far – Alex is now in trouble.

Samira clocks that she once matched with Charlie on a dating app and that they used to text but never met up. They both act surprisingly unsurprised at seeing each other… hmm.

Charlie is a full time model and Joshua is a social media presenter (what even the fuck is one of those?).

Trouble is a foot as she admits that Joshua is Georgia’s type. But she’s Niall’s rainbow fish!

Charlie’s options are open. But Hayley and Georgia have caught his eye.

Arrogant Adam admits that he doesn’t feel unnerved at all by the new guys and is sure Rosie isn’t either.

And then new girl Megan walks in…

The previews for tonight’s show look BRILLIANT so make sure you go and watch them and then come and tell me what you think on Twitter! I’ll also be posting my Hero and Villain from last night’s show on Instagram so come and do the same.

Ben’s thought from this show: ‘Turns out Jack’s Eyal impression is better than his Danny Dyer’ – accurate.

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  • Kimberley
    June 11, 2018

    These updates are so useful for when I miss the show! Much appreciation!

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