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Love Island 4.8: Niall’s Disapparated, Rosie Bollocks Adam and Eyal Is A Curly Worm

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Love Island Series 4, Episode 8. You can read the previous day, here.

Wes and Laura come back from Hideaway. The housemates play, ‘Shag Or No Shag’ with them and we get confirmation that Wes DID NOT make Laura take flight.

Alex tells the gathered gang about Niall leaving. As of writing, we’re not quite sure why our many-layered-onion friend has decided to bounce. We just hope it’s nothing too sad/serious and that he may be able to rejoin later on (or when England have been knocked out of the World Cup).

Eyal and Megan discuss their connection. They both agree that it was just a kiss and nothing too serious. Megan tells him she wants to get to know him more but that she also wants to get to know the others (ALEX) as well.

Rosie tells Georgia she’s worried about Adam. That he’s got a bit of a rep and looks like the sort to do the dirty on her.

I always find it remarkable in these situations that a continual stream of girls find a guy untrustworthy and turn needy/clingy and are made to look like the crazy one – how about it’s women’s intuition and they just know he’s a wrong’un?

Josh, Charlie and Adam are all trying to out muscle each other whilst working out and say they’re attracted to Megan. Adam says he doesn’t want to close off options – he and Rosie aren’t in a relationship.

It’s as if her ears were burning. With SNAKE VENOM.

Hayley asks Charlie if he tints his eyebrow. Nope – that’s too feminine for him. The toxic masculinity is rife in this one.

He tells the diary room that Hayley’s bonkers but that she’ll keep him on his toes (until he can bonk-er).

Adam thinks he and Rosie are moving too quickly. Jack asks him whether he would recouple with her – he’s not sure. SNAKEY SNAKE SNEK.

Jack thinks Adam’s got a wandering eye. Jack is not wrong.

Moments later, Adam pulls Megan aside and asks her why he didn’t get picked for a date. She didn’t want to be 3 in 7 days.

She also reckons she’s pretty close with Holly – erm Rosie – so didn’t want to step on any toes. Adam tells her that alarm bells are ringing with Rosie for a variety of reasons. For example – he asked Rosie whether she’d prefer a trip away or handbags and she chose handbags.

What a bitch.

Megan immediately goes to tell Rosie what has been said. The girls are fuming with Dani confirming what we all knew – MUGGY MATE.

Jack is mocking Adam’s arrogance and thinks it could bite him in the arse. Within MOMENTS it does.

Rosie walks over and confronts Adam, for talking about her behind her back, in front of everyone.

To Jack?

Mate, take your size 11s with the fake Yeezys, that you bought off an Instagram page endorsed by Scotty T, OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. She’s clearly talking about Megan.

Rosie tells him she’s done. Adam is dumbfounded.

She walks past the new boys and says she’s single.

Adam is still interested in Rosie but got worried that she was full on. He runs out the classic fuck-boy mantra about being scared of being hurt.


There’s a recoupling afoot and the girls get to pick.

Rosie wonders whether she should give Adam another chance. Her heart says yes and her head says ditch him. Well the nation say, – ‘DON’T BE AN IDIOT WOMAN.’

Dani thinks she shouldn’t mug herself off. We all agree with Dani.

Alex is talking to Megan nicely about Eyal (which is so very, very sweet) but she is making it clear that she thinks her and Alex get on really well. He goes the colour of his shirt from the other night. Is it blushing or third degree sunburn?

Rosie goes to speak to Charlie to keep her options open (/make Adam jealous – oh, love).

Samira had it in her brain that she would pick Alex (why not Josh or Charlie though?) and if Megan picks him – what is she going to do?

After the break, Jack tells Adam that he doesn’t think Rosie will leave him. NEITHER DO WE.

Megan has dated guys like Eyal before (probably on a gap year ) and thinks her path wouldn’t have crossed with Alex before so she should give someone new a chance.

Josh reckons he’s got a mad side and wants Georgia to pick him. The only madness we’ve seen from him is picking Hayley for a date.

Megan and Alex are having a very sweet, ‘getting to know each other’, conversation until Eyal worms over and lays it on thick. Alex gets up to walk away as he can smell the desperation (or is it hemp?) wafting off of Eyal.

Eyal is begging to be kissed. The nation’s dinner is quite digested enough for these moves.

He takes Megan off and kisses her. IN FRONT OF ALEX.

And we are left to wonder WHO WILL CHOOSE WHO, in tonight’s recoupling?

Ben’s comment from last night (apart from my slippery electric EYAL one that I stole for a tweet, soz babes): Alex has just witnessed the ultimate betrEYAL.

Don’t forget to head to Instagram to nick my ‘recoupling’ template so that we can all play along tonight! Who do you think is picking who?

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