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Love Island 4.9: There’s A Recoupling, A Regurgitating And A Replay of Alex Going For Megan

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Love Island Series 4, Episode 9. For the previous day, click here.


The recoupling (that should’ve happened the night before) is a foot.

Dani picks the LOVELY Jack and this couple doesn’t look like anything will shake them. And we hope not because they are totes adorbs.

Laura picks Wes because he’s the nicest person she’s ever met. Which judging from his ‘before entry’ video is hard to believe but are we warming to him?

Hayley picks Charlie. Probs so she can tint his eyebrows.

Georgia goes for Josh because he’s a right sort and edgy. Did I miss the memo about him being a cos-playing, Slipknot-listening, working-with-fire performance artist or something?

Megan chooses the guy who makes her really comfortable, who’s attractive and let’s us know it was not an easy decision – Eyal. Well my dear, you’ve made your bed now – you must lie on it whilst he mansplains the universe to you.

Samira picks Alex because he’s lovely, friendly and confident. Megan’s face suggests she may feel like she’s made a mistake here.

And we’re left with Rosie and Adam who lets him know that she had no other choice even though she blatantly would’ve picked him anyway.

Whilst her lips are saying, “You were the only one left” they’re also planted all over him to show that a bit of arrogance and a six-pack will make you lose your mind.

Megan tries to neg on Eyal but telling him she is not super interested in him. But they still kiss.

Jack and Dani in bed together and Jack is pushing it with Dani over how much she likes him.

He reckons his shirt did the business. Ben wants one.

Hayley is all over Charlie and they kiss.

Laura calls Adam a prick and that he got off lightly to Samira and Megan. He got an easy ride and Rosie is smitten. She’s not wrong.

It’s bed time and Eyal goes over to Alex to rub it in. He CANNOT leave the doctor alone, can he? He kisses Megan in front of him, walks over every time Alex is speaking to her and after each, ‘victory’ he seeks him out.

The next morning Laura takes it upon herself to have a word with Adam over how he’s been treating the girls in the villa so far. Adam, like the classic fuckboy he is, makes all of the right noises and agrees with Laura that he should make it up to Rosie.

Before telling the diary-room that he’s taking Laura’s comments on the chin. Players gon’ play.

Jack goes in to Alex to boost his confident by calling him a Peng sort. Immediately await Jack’s appointment as the new coach on Celeb Goes Dating with a simultaneous release of a book on love that should DEFINITELY have a diagram to show the hierarchy of peng.

Alex appreciates the boost by Jack and Dani’s never had a boy treat her so nicely. The nation pray that Jack doesn’t pull a Terry on Malin.

Megan isn’t sure that she made the right decision with Eyal. It’s too early to tell. She likes Alex and thinks she fancies him but she doesn’t want to mess with his head.

Am I the only one, at this point, to be thinking, ‘WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PLAYING AT GIRL?’

Because if it were me, and I liked two boys and couldn’t pick between either – I wouldn’t be snogging the face off of one of them.


It’s ‘Meals on Wheels’ where the islanders have to pedal back and forth whilst passing soup, spaghetti, profiteroles and champagne between their mouths. This is worse than witnessing someone pop a bollock in during a Bushtucker Trial.

Wes and Laura win. I manage to keep my food down.

Megan and Alex go for a private chat. She feels awkward and is worried that Alex hates her. She apologises for being insensitive and kissing Eyal in front of him (before going off to kiss Eyal some more).


Laura and Wes have a date for winning the challenge.

Laura came on the show to find love so is open to a future with Wes. She wants a family in 5 years and Wes is on the same page. Is he too good to be true?

After the date, Laura is singing his praises to the girls and proclaims that he can’t do anything wrong. Ominous as fuck.

Adam and Charlie have a schemed up a plan to distract Eyal from Megan so that Alex can slide in.

They call Eyal and distract him with conversations on the stars, green and beads. Doesn’t take much does it.

Alex calls Meg over for a chat whilst Rosie and Samira are watching over the fire pit like witches over a bubbling cauldron. Wonder if they can cook up a love potion for the doc?

Alex asks Megan if she was pressured into her decision as he feels Eyal laid it on too thick.

Megan picked Eyal because he’s a mystery. Whereas Alex would be safe and comfortable. She then RUBS ALL UP ON HIS LEGS. Grrrrl.

Megan wants to continue to get to know Alex. They hug and go their separate ways.

Jack follows Alex straight inside to find out if the plan worked.

Eyal asks Megan to go for a stroll. He says he believes they’ve gotten closer and crossed the barrier – from decent to slimeballs, you mean?

They begin pulling at the bottom of the stairs as Megan sees Alex and Jack are about to walk down.

It’s the end of the episode and I have feelings. Alex is too good for the world. Jack is the best. Adam is a prick (thanks Laura). Eyal is a creep and Megan… well this girl knows EXACTLY what she is doing and Alex is WAY better off out of that one.

Or as Ben put it: The Doctor Do-More plan was like The Sims but how long before we can put Eyal in the pool and remove the stairs?

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