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Love Island Is Coming…

Monday 4th June is a week away. Love Island returns to our screens with a longer than EVER series – JUST in time for summer (and the World Cup).

This means that for 10 weeks our timelines and TVs will be FULL of gossip, opinions and rumours and if you’re like me – YOU CAN”T FRIGGING WAIT.

I pitched a daily Love Island catch-up column and content to numerous online platforms and was met with complete AIR so I thought, fuck it, why not use my own platform?

So for the next 10 weeks, alongside all of my normal content, you can expect the following:

Daily Love Island Catch Up Post

Yep, check in each morning at 7am, on your commute to work, for a write up of the previous evening’s goings on – expect humour, sarcasm and and the low-down.

Topical Posts

Last year’s series brought up important issues like: going for partners on looks rather than value, who pays on the first date, feminism, sexism and loyalty. This series will be no different.

So as and when something crops up that gets the nation talking, I’ll be writing posts that weigh up what’s being discussed – even non Love Island fans will have something to read here!

And on Social Media…

I had a couple of tweets go viral last year during Love Island so make sure you’re following me on Twitter as I tweet along with each episode (unless I am otherwise engaged but I’ve virtually cancelled ALL PLANS). And please tweet me and let me know you’re watching too! In fact, if you’d like to chat with other Love Island Obsessives during the episode, then use the hashtag, #LoveIslandChat


Yep, I came up with this idea because I know we’re all loving Insta stories and often find we can chat to mates and other followers on there through DMs. SO head over to my Instagram NOW and you’ll find a new Love Island Templates Highlight.

You can use the templates to predict who’ll be coupling up, to tell your followers who you like/don’t like and to let us all know who you’re voting for to be dumped/saved.

If you use them, please tag my Insta account – and let me know which other templates you think would be fun to use.


I KNOW. This is all just a bit of fun so no matter which level of Love Island obsessed you are, you’ll find something here and on my channels.

If you have any ideas for Love Island content or even fancy contributing yourself, let me know!

And if you could tell your followers and mates that THIS is destination Love Island – that would be fab!

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1 Comment
  • Judanna
    May 28, 2018

    Love Island is SUCH a guilty pleasure of mine, so I am so excited for this!! I didn’t think the love island experience could get much better – but apparently it can haha!! Cannot wait to read all your thoughts and opinions on this series xxx

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